How many champs do you own out of the roster of 110?

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User Info: lvl99link

4 years ago#61
From: KamenRiderBlade | #055
P00DGE posted...
I just don't understand why anyone would want that many champions? Why buy champs you don't REALLY like?

The "Gotta Get'em All" mentality.

Aram ranked, and learning the different champs so I can counter them with my main champs.

User Info: Jay_Xee

4 years ago#62

Mostly with RP lol

User Info: MagiaIce

4 years ago#63
"They can't backdoor when they're coming through the front door..."~Me
Nami is my waifu

User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#64
Official Daedric Prince of Madness of All Boards
Akali is my Waifu~ Now, You DIE :D

User Info: iXCelticXi

4 years ago#65
106. I am missing Morde, Heimer, GP, and Kass. I have no desire to pick up and of these dumpsters lol.
LoL IGN: Greedy

User Info: dompruss

4 years ago#66
I'm sitting at all 110, bought all with IP,

that being said I've also been playing since just about the start, missed out on the beta.

and I've got a full 10 rune pages, and all the major runes that are needed (no mana regen marks or other such runes that I don't find useful.)

And the main use for these champs:

ARAM, though I do miss ABAM(the All bot All Random when Crystal Scar was the way to go!)

Besides that, in Season two I had a few friends who wanted to get into ranked, got to 1400-ish season two, and it was almost always me picking a champ so I could trade with a teammate

User Info: LittleGreenMen3

4 years ago#67

Waiting for Thresh to drop down to 6300 too, just as well, since I'm sitting at around 4.5k IP and it gives me time to work up to that.

*Edit: Only other champ I don't own is lolsej. Actually like her though, just never got round to buying her, everyone else always seemed to take more priority*

User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#68

never getting poppy cause i hate her
had elise andn refunded cause i didnt like her
i might get nami soon
thresh doesnt look interesting but i might buy him when he eventually goes on sale just for the sake of having him.
LoL summoner: Vejitables

User Info: LinktheMan46

4 years ago#69
102/110. Only missing Blitzcrank, Galio, Heimerdinger, Lulu, Malz, Nami, Syndra and Thresh.
"If your going to make fun of someone don't make yourself look like a tool by using the wrong version of your." - Hexrapper

User Info: Hydreigoon

4 years ago#70
Nami is my waifu
White FC: 3181 8609 7858 /// White 2 FC: 3053 5724 9151
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