how does it feel to be a meta sheep?

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  3. how does it feel to be a meta sheep?

User Info: Evil_Evil_Evil_

4 years ago#1
are you a meta sheep? - Results (95 votes)
baaaa! i will report you for breaking the meta! baaa!
47.37% (45 votes)
i steam roll everyone with ad mordekaiser
52.63% (50 votes)
This poll is now closed.
gotta worship one build

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#2
this is a dumb topic
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User Info: xMikhalx

4 years ago#3
If they're not anyone I know, chances are they're going to feed while complaining about the meta or not do as well as they think they do while they get carried by their teammates.


User Info: killamaeglwn

4 years ago#4
I play jungle vlad

come at me meta
You get nothing, YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR!
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User Info: BurningSwor145

4 years ago#5
I play urgot.

There is no meta when it's urgot time.
"Mostly Harmless????"

User Info: Divinewargod

4 years ago#6
Doesn't feel too bad. It's enjoyable and I don't seem to get sick of it. Rarely will I break the meta, and never with randoms. I mean I'm still having fun, and I don't just stick to one character. There's a whole variety of females for me to play, so there's that to look forward to.

I only play b****es.
MHTri: Corey
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User Info: Lord_Woobie

4 years ago#7
There's a difference between breaking the meta and playing a sub-optimal build.

Some games you can pull off troll builds, but why would you want to risk it if you actually take the game somewhat seriously?

In terms of team comps, idgaf most of the time as long as our ADC is actually ranged and has some AD ratios.
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User Info: Zyx-Whitewind

4 years ago#8
I don't know about meta sheep but I do remember metabee.
I lost my Game FAQ account...
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  3. how does it feel to be a meta sheep?

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