A story portraying why ranked is not a good indicater or single player skill.

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  3. A story portraying why ranked is not a good indicater or single player skill.

User Info: noahou13

4 years ago#1
Imagine you're Lebron James. You have to pick names out of a hat in order to play a basketball game (5v5) against another randomly generated team. The first slip you pull says "Helen Keller". You think "Darn, well I mean I -am- Lebron James, so I can carry a blind/deaf/mute chick.

Second slip of paper. Stephen Hawking. You wonder how he's even allowed into the basketball draft, there's no way he can even dribble or shoot. Whatever, you still got this, you've 1v3ed plenty of scrubs in your street ball days.
Third slip. You pick a random white guy, lets call him Bro, that looks like he might work out a lot, but certainly spends more time working his biceps than his legs. "Not bad" you think, it looks like he can at least run short distances, maybe block a shot, and make a few of his own.

Fourth and final slip. It says "The penguin in the back of the room with cerebral palsy". An adorable little penguin waddles out, tripping himself and drooling slightly. "Who the hell even wrote this guy in? He belongs in a hospice, not a basketball court!"

All 5 of you meet up, and it becomes apparent both Helen Keller and Stephen Hawking both want to play point guard. Keller is signing furiously and getting rather angry, and Stephen Hawking is using his artificial speech device to communicate to Helen Keller's interpreter than she can't even see the ball coming, much less know who to pass it to. Helen Keller calls Hawking a cripple. Hawking calls Keller a "stupid jew". Keller storms off, accidentally kicking the penguin with cerebral palsy in the process.

You start the game down Helen Keller, with Hawking playing point guard, and you and Bro taking center and small forward. The penguin is sitting on the ground crying. You try your hardest to win, and it's obvious you outmatch the other small forward, but all of a sudden they start double and triple teaming you, and you can't get a shot off anymore. Bro isn't doing too bad either, though he's taking a lot of double teams as well, and Hawking is just rolling around pushing the ball a little bit, though sometimes it incidentally rolls to you. Great.

All of a sudden, Helen Keller storms back on the court, obviously pissed and off her meds. She's bought a paintball gun, and starts shooting you, Bro, Hawking, the penguin with cerebral palsy, and the other team. Sometimes she hits one of their guys and you can take an uncontested shot, but usually she just hits you in the leg and makes you drop the ball. She storms off again as Bro says "dude I'm sorry but I'm out of here, this is pointless". Hawking leaves shortly after, and you're left hugging the penguin with cerebral palsy in the center of the court while the other team scores 100 points.
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#2
yeah because Lebron played one game of basketball with one team before he went pro
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User Info: SoIldSnlvy

4 years ago#3
10/10 would read again.

Now do it in American Football context.
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User Info: _RaveMaster_

4 years ago#4
10/10 would read again.

User Info: SeaIntoTheSky

4 years ago#5
I LOLed super hard >.<;;;
While I disagree with your point, that was a great story.
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User Info: UnderwaterAir

4 years ago#7
Now do game two with the same 10 players.
Lebron James draws and gets penguin and Helen Keller as well as two other regular players that were on the other team. With those two regular players helping Lebron James was able to dunk smash Jarvan with Orianna's E the enemy team about 250 times in 30 minutes.

Now do game three.
Helen Keller, penguin, cerebral, and Steven Hawkings are on the other team. Lebron James dunk smashes for the win.

Now do game four. Alright, two regular players for Lebron James again. It was kind of annoying but another easy win.

Now do game five. Lebron gets only one regular player and three of his game 1 partners. It was a tough game but by abusing Steven Hawkings lack of defense on the enemy team Lebron James and his one good ally were able to break through for the win.

Now do game six. Oh snaps. Lebron gets four regular average allies while the enemy team gets all four of his game 1 allies and one regular player. 600-3, ending game score.

So how many games did Lebron is now 5-1. Care to do the statistics out to 300 games?
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User Info: DeadpooL7

4 years ago#8
Except the other team would be full of scrubs too. Lebron James and 4 scrubs would beat 5 scrubs.

User Info: The-World-Seven

4 years ago#9
why lebron is my question

but i might already know the answer
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User Info: JackDaniels1964

4 years ago#10
TL:DR stopped right after i saw the huge post :)
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  3. A story portraying why ranked is not a good indicater or single player skill.

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