Elise Q to be nerfed

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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#31
Deanyzy posted...
Rising Chaos posted...
Except Elise literally has no bad match-ups..

Kayle - Kayle bullies Elise for free, extremely bad match up for Elise.
Swain - E, Q harass hurts a lot and it's hard for Elise to get good harass on him without taking a ton of damage in return.
Vlad - Sustains through her crap and becomes stronger as the game goes on.
Olaf - More of an even match up but it's hard for Elise to get damage to stick to him and like with Vlad he'll have a bigger impact later on.
Cho - Even with the % damage I find that Cho sustains so well that he can carry on farming without incident.
Kennen - Good range, safe farming, very mobile. It's hard for Elise to get in range and she she does she'll probably take more damage in the trade then she'll dish out.

There's probably others i'm forgetting. I haven't seen the match up played before but I reckon Jayce's kit would work well against her.

You can also swap lanes and send a mage top if they outrange her and can keep her out. If she can't reliably hit you with Q then she can't do much to you without the help of her jungler.

No to all of those, Vlad could possibly outsustain her after he gets to level 9 and starts becoming a threat. And Kayle doesn't bully Elise for free at all, if anything it's the other way around. Elise outranges Kayle and can even avoid her Q with rappel. The match-up is a nobrainer, and if Kayle goes all in on Elise she can simply bait her ult with rappel.
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