AP, AD.. I really don't know what you're telling me. <newbie needs advice>

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User Info: xIIpicardIIx

4 years ago#1
A lot of people seem to think newbies are supposed to know what these things mean.

More importantly, they seem to think I'm going to automatically know where each champion belongs in those groups.

So my question to the board is, what are the different types of champion categories, and who falls under what? Any major tips for a newbie?

Thanks in advance.
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User Info: boktai3

4 years ago#2
each letter stands for a word, you have 2, just 2 stats that affect Damage, so if you moused over your stats once, it would be easy to figure out what those mean.

User Info: spald

4 years ago#3
Should help some.
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User Info: Hell0nEarth

4 years ago#4
Read a guide before playing. Then you will know what these terms, and many more, mean.
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User Info: xIIpicardIIx

4 years ago#5
This guide is sexy, thanks fellas.
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User Info: dotsdfe

4 years ago#6
AP is ability power. If an ability has a number in green when you hover over it, that means it scales off of AP.

AD is attack damage. If an ability is in orange when you over over it, that means it scales off of AD.

However, not all champions necessarily play based 100% on what they scale off of. Miss Fortune would probably look like an AP character to someone who didn't know her, yet she's AD. There are also champions who don't want to build AD or AP at all, in favor of building pure tank or something.

If there are any specific champions you're wondering about, you might as well ask about them and we can tell you.
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User Info: spald

4 years ago#7
Meta game asks for a bruiser (Tanky attack damage champ) solo top. An AP Carry (squishy, pure DD, usually ranged) mid. Bottom has an AD carry (same as AP carry but asks for Attack Damage stats) and a support (either stuns players or boosts the carry to secure kills). The fifth player is jungler who levels on the monsters between lanes and tries to periodically assist in killing a champ in a lane.

Low level games will usually replace the jungler with a double top lane.
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User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

4 years ago#8
AD is attack damage. It usually means you heavily focusing on dealing damage through your auto attacks.
AP is ability power. It usually means you heavily focus on dealing damage through your abilities/skills/spells

Damaging spells usually scale with either of those stats. That means in addition to it's base damage, it does more damage based on how much of each stat you have. Mostly every skill has some sort of scaling and has ratios on how much extra damage you'll do.

Anivia's Q does 120 damage (+100%) of AP and you have a Rabadon's Deathcap (120AP)
This means that your Q will do 120 + 120(Rabadon's) for a total of 240 damage (before resists)

The traditional roles in League are:
AD Carry (Weak early game, babysat by support, monster late game)
AP Mid/Carry (Decent early game, great mid game, falls off late game unless fed)
Bruiser (Beefy but powerful character that tries to murder squishes)
Jungler (Clears jungle and ganks other lanes to make it 2v1's or 3v2's)
Assassin (Bursty squishy characters meant to take out the enemy's main damage)
Support (Babysits the ADC, usually has heals or steroid abilities)
Tanks(Damage soakers + Initiators)
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User Info: mrmonstr

4 years ago#9
AP: Ability Power.
AP carries are basically what LoL calls Mage. They go mid

AD: Attack Damage.
AD carries can be ranged or melee. Anyone that looks like they're shooting arrows/bullets are AD ranged (Ashe, Miss Fortune etc). they go bot.
AD melee are people with swords/axes basically. They go top usually.

Tanks: I hope you know what a tank is...
Support: Someone who will help the AD/AP carries kill minions and obtain objectives by healing/making them better. They usually go bot with AD carry. Tanks come under this category

Jungler: Someone who kills the monsters in the jungle, then using the buffs from the monsters, goes in for ganks (ambushing lanes)

User Info: Lord Grahf

Lord Grahf
4 years ago#10
You'll lose enough games to eventually be placed with people your level, so don't worry about it.
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