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User Info: DefendsPandas

4 years ago#1
So basically I have been watching my brother lately, like every second he is playing I watch him. So last night he let me make an account and play because I didn't want to download at the time. But I am really addicted and can't wait for it to be done downloading. So is there any tips and tricks? I know the main things like who goes top and mid and bot. I like ad carries. So is there any tips what so ever that I should know. I know how to play adc's and tanks. But any like pro tips I guess you could say. I already know how to build both people I will be using and I know how to use them. (Olaf and Sivir). So any other tips besides the character and building process please and thank you.
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User Info: dv89

4 years ago#2
Learn other champions, always watch your map, always know what other champions abilities do, last hit rather than autoattack creeps, call missing champions, don't be over-aggressive, the list could go on but I have a killer headache.
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User Info: Naruto504

4 years ago#3
I learned to play much better is by watching how pro players play in finals in Season 2. Just keep up with stuff and you will do fine.

User Info: TruHNIC187

4 years ago#4
there are so many tips but I will give a big one that made me not suck at ADC:

Always take care of your positioning. Stay behind your team and hit whoever u can without dying. If you can't hit whoever your team is focusing because it would put you in a bad position, the DON'T! You are your team's main damage output and when you die it cripples your team severely.

Hope this helps, it sure helped me when I started playing ADC

User Info: TheSchref

4 years ago#5
Quit before you begin. This game sucks.

If I didn't convince you to quit, then don't practice this game by playing against bots. It doesn't help. Don't get in the habit of mindlessly pushing minions without trying to last hit. Last hitting is so important in this game.

The most important thing though is probably learning what all the champions do. The only way you can really do that though is by playing. So good luck.
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