Vi....ability in tournament play.

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User Info: GetHighAndPlay

4 years ago#1
Shushie played her mid in LCS. I've been playing the **** out of her in the jungle doing very well with her consistantly.

Her damage is just so high even without building any damage at all, decent gank power not the best and by far not the worst great dueler/counter jungler.

When teamfights start to break out I find myself playing as a peeler most of the time and her %dmg armor reduction helps take down their divers very quickly (I do tend to build FM on her a lot)

Also like the Iron Silari or w/e its called mixed with her passive you can negate huge amounts of damage.

Anyone think shes going to start seeing competative play any time soon? or possibly a nerf :(?
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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#2
with what's essentially an unavoidable single-target Malphite ult I'm surprised she hasn't seen use already.

User Info: Rydethetiger

4 years ago#3
Ive seen alot of use with her on high rated jungle streams. iWillDominate owns with her, and TONS of people cry about her secret op.
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User Info: TwilightKing13

4 years ago#4
The past few weeks I've noticed her very much in the high elo spectator games, but never as lane Vi.
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User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#5
Her laning ability is horrid, as a jungler however she does offer a good bit at least.
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User Info: CosmosYears

4 years ago#6
I need to devote some time to her because she has some pretty crazy damage + crazy ganks with ult.
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#7
aHappySacka posted...
Her laning ability is horrid,.

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User Info: Arken101

4 years ago#8
I always underestimate her damage output when I come against her.
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User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#9
Bhellium posted...
aHappySacka posted...
Her laning ability is horrid,.


It's pretty terrible against most tops. She can kill a lot of the mid laners though.
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User Info: GetHighAndPlay

4 years ago#10
Her lane is pretty good not superb but its not bad, some of the top lane bully's will have an edge on her but she has good CC dmg + chase so its a great lane for jungler ganks.

Not to mention she can bait out an cancel CC during team fights.

Oh and BTW I canceled a Malph ult twice last night with her Q lol skills :p (skill+luck actually) their malph had to be pissed lol he was glass cannon so he deserved it anyway.
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