Nunu mid/top.

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User Info: AgentReborn

4 years ago#11
He counters Jax extremely well

User Info: JaggiJumper

4 years ago#12
Rydethetiger posted...
^ just mad I posted in his thread questioning AD elise...

By no means do I think it wont work, but there are plenty more viable places to play him, and teams will probly be upset if you take him top.

+1 for trying new stuff

I posted that before the Elise post... holy s*** lol.

How the hell does Nunu "get stomped by heaps of people". He is basically Yorick.
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User Info: thisisboris2

4 years ago#13
I've done it before in gfaqs premades and have done well

if you know how to lane against your opponent and know when to use your ult lategame you can become terrifying
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User Info: teh_hellspawn

4 years ago#14
Tried it out. I felt evil doing it. I was against Singed. Had literally free harass, infinite sustain and just W'd whenever their jungle Yi came up to gank. I zoned out Singed fairly hard, and got off several good ultis throughout the game.

Definitely going to be sticking with it for a little bit.
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