Am I doing it wrong?

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User Info: Lithsp

4 years ago#11
TomorrowDog posted...
Typically I start red buff. Use boxes to do wraiths and red buff wiithout using smite. Move over and do wolves and smite blue. Make a beeline for enemy red, use your Q to hop the wall.

If they did a standard blue start chances are you can catch them at red and they will be dead. If you want to be the king of cheese you can then start stacking boxes at wraith bush while you steal the wraiths and catch them as they come back after reviving.

Granted, somebody that knows Shaco probably isn't going to hand you free kills but the general strategy is still to own the red buff half of their jungle. Chase them out, deny them by stealing, keep tabs on them with wards and JitBs which function as mini-wards. Be aware they could go in to your jungle though if you are spending all of your time in theirs.

Anyways, you can still fit in ganks whenever. It also takes a ton of pressure off of your lanes since they know you're making the enemy's life hell and he can't really gank them.

This sounds amazing.

What skills do I use to get the kill? I'm assuming I'm lv 2 when I go for the first kill.
I'd only have boxes and deceive to jump the wall. Would have to AA them to death???
Or am I level 3 doing what you just said?

I feel like Shaco is an amazing champion, who I need to master for no apparent reason.
I LOVE his late game. What you've just said will help me love his early game too :P

User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#12
Doing the two buffs and wraiths/wolves should definitely get you to level 3 with all three abilities. And it is very effective and very awesome.

If you don't know the boxing stat, you just place a JitB at the lesser camp at ~42 seconds on the game clock. While you wait for wraiths to spawn you can drop three of them at red buff. I place them out of range of where he spawns and then attack him and drag him to where they are.

I also run AP quints for the extra damage on his boxes and his E.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#13
How in the HELL does Shaco one shot ANYTHING late game!?!?!?
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