Post your main subjects in college and I'll tell you which champion you play.

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User Info: Oximofo

4 years ago#81
Mr. Ami Suzuki
GT: Oximofo9 PSN: oximofo9

User Info: nyhustler208

4 years ago#82
Business Management Information Systems
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User Info: runescaper95

4 years ago#83
I'm still in high school, but I will be a Chemical Engineering major.
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User Info: Leighton04

4 years ago#84
Marketing major with a minor in psych.
I am the law

User Info: Dark_Dc

4 years ago#85
edubs posted...
Lol, complex analysis, linear alegbra, combinatorics, number theory, real analysis, differential equations, and Game theory must all be not worth a damn then.

I wasn't promoting my major so much as saying psychologists don't help for crap. Went to one several years back and they didn't help one bit

All that math is great, and it has its uses. But you really are missing a lot about psychology.

1. Social psych usually revolves around complex statistical analysis of behaviour or questionnaires that is usually more complicated than analyzing biological data from animals (considered a "real" science, and it is, but so i psych.. we learn the same things in terms of experiment design and stats.. and more)

2. The clinical/neuroscience side of psychology is overwhelmingly complex, borrowing from biology, physics (psychophysical techniques for determining response thresholds of things like the visual system), and chemistry (drug addiction, drug design, clinical trials).

3. The brain is so amazingly complex that we still don't actually know what a lot of it does. We know generally what some areas might do, but...

Anyways you also must know that cognition in psychology is largely driven by computing and works to develop AI and described computational systems and solutions to problems we face in understanding the brain.

By the way. We learn in first lecture of first year that Freud is a full of it. NO ONE RESPECTABLE follows or believes his psychoanalysis and dream analysis. No support and no one does it. Its pop psychology just as I might accuse you of just doing y = mx+b for different graphs. Btw Freud was addicted to cocaine and tobacco and advocated it as treatment for psychosis. Yeah okay Freud, whatever you say.

Lastly: xRusty gets my respect, well said.
tl;dr Make sure you understand the major before you insult it.
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User Info: megaman915

4 years ago#86
marine biology
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User Info: Hibyehi

4 years ago#87
Music and Business with a concentration in Audio Production.
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User Info: zhe_king_of_ape

4 years ago#88
computer technology
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User Info: IceMan_128

4 years ago#89
American Sign Language.

And don't say Sona because she is mute not deaf -_-
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User Info: TriangularTwig

4 years ago#90
I have a BA in philosophy
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