Honestly I feel this game would be a lot better if MIC play was REQUIRED.

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  3. Honestly I feel this game would be a lot better if MIC play was REQUIRED.

User Info: Soldier3rdClass

4 years ago#41
We've gone over voice chat a few times. My stance is I'm all for voice chat to be added to the game. I'm against your forced mic idea though. People who complain about 12 year olds and ragers should realize there would be a mute option much like how there's a mute chat option now.

The only downside I see to this is it will give the toxic type of ragers and trolls an outlet to freely say what they want with little risk of being banned. This is of course unless they do have audio recordings which they probably aren't willing to spend the money on. I do think the benefits out weigh the cons though.
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User Info: Rikeru

4 years ago#42
I don't see Riot ever putting mics for one reason. Tribunal. Have in-game voice would destroy it, it would be too much work for people to sit there through a 20+ minute game listening for the offending thing and that's if there is even anything offensive and not just people reporting for the sake of reporting.

User Info: hibbijo

4 years ago#43
I've never used the integrated voice chat in any game ever. I prefer a separate application.
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User Info: AC_Dragonfire

4 years ago#44
Oh it'd be worse. You can use mic for premades. For solo qeueue it's just better to ping and talk in chat. You will prob have a better Win/loss in ranked anyway by doing team fights than solo queue ever will.

User Info: FoxxyFelineee

4 years ago#45
That'd be fun.

Now I get to hear who was with my mother last night, who my real father is or whether or not my mother should've gotten an abortion or not over voice chat!
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User Info: DaGreatOnelol

4 years ago#46
Riot knows that with the inclusion of mic chats, players cannot prove that other players were toxic and just downright hides them from anything else that is incriminating that society frowns upon.
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#47
Some people, like me, just plain find headphones uncomfortable. It's quite the irritating sensation. I would probably be somewhat okay if it was a togglable aspect inside of the game itself, but as others have said it would also make issues with the Tribunal.
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User Info: Scisor50

4 years ago#48
I would rather have an in-game option that asks you if you want to enable mics (both receive and output). Sort of like the all-chat option. There's already too many ragers in this game as it is. =/

TC is seeing the bright side of things, and imagining the majority of the people bother working as a team. Truth is the majority of the players are complete morons. Proof enough is the way Riot is treating toxic players.

I think it would be fine if you could easily joing the "mic chat" and exit it when you want.
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4 years ago#49
yes but lot lagger :(
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User Info: djprofessork1

4 years ago#50
Dota 2 has voice chat and its perfectly fine. Then again, that game's community isnt a bunch of blithering idiots, and its mostly adults.
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  3. Honestly I feel this game would be a lot better if MIC play was REQUIRED.

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