Debbie AD top-carry guide with history

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User Info: lordjin

4 years ago#1
Ability order:

* You want E first to help with harass early and its a quick escape. Max E or W, leave Q for last, just take one point for her bonus.

AD Reds
Armor Yellows
AS Blues
2 MS quints 1 Armor Quint/AD quint (your choice)

1. AD for her W which is masterfully awesome, you don't need to even grab PD's but if you get PD's on her its ungodly fast.

2. Armor obvious because she needs it early against the usual suspects top lane
AS blues because it will help with early levels of W

3. MS quints for her to add to her Q's bonus movement speed before it degrades to 0 bonus

The last quint is to top off armor or ad depending on how you want her to go. I decided for more armor just because I'll be tossing on Warmogs.

Without Mogs she's practically dead.
No health, no Debbie.


Utility - I take movement in utility because her Q is the worse ability after 10 minutes or so, and you're better off with the MS quints, Boots of Mobility and the extra boost out of combat with the 3 points in utility.

Offense - Almost everything in the AD tree is related to her getting arm pen, just think of the usual ad set up pretty much.

Defense - she really needs it for top lane if she is going to go hard in the paint, she gets health and armor only.

How she plays top lane
If you've played solo top with Akali/Sivir/Sona/Lux/Katarina - she is nothing like them so don't think you can just get free kills like they do against bruisers/tanks. You can make trades a pain for your counter laner though by maxing E then W first, and only 1 point in Q to get the passive bonus started.

You last hit like usual but you will need to step up the aggression, because most people who player her tend to think their lane is safe even if they extend - not true you have

to mentally force them to trade with you because you're in their face and eating their minions while keeping them from last hitting.

Anyways after laning phase your first major item has to be an IE and you're basically building an IE, IG (you pop E and W, pain train), Statick, Boots of Mobility or Mercs,

Warmogs and Wits End or Nashor's if you want to put some AP on her. The AS is going to be insanely rageful for your opponents.

So far I'm the only person who's written a thorough AD carry top guide about her so please share with friends and give feed back!

Here is my win history:

*****These wins weren't with the same setup because I was experimenting with builds to find the perfect one.******

A thorough guide on Debbie, the Diabetic by gamefaqs user: mrg59

Check out Debbie's Splash art from champion selection:

Again, give me feed back on if this guide has helped you in any to help you excel at player her solo top.
When I say solo top I mean her being alone as the grenade no wingman should ever have to take for the team because he'll never recover from the damage.
"As much as I like playing LoL - the majority of the populace are unfavorable people with low social skills and etiquette."

User Info: Sword_Slasher

4 years ago#2
Posted from my N-Gage

User Info: AnybodyN9NE

4 years ago#3
your mad weird
let's go celtics and knicks

User Info: Gevauden

4 years ago#4
Debbie Downer
ign - Gonk. Beware of the badtabulous SwiftToad, play with him at your own risk u have been warned.
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