Name Flaw: Day 1 - Anivia

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User Info: jonlaw101

4 years ago#1
It's like playing monopoly then flipping the board over when they land on mayfair,saying 'lol i do what i want its just a game' - SoulStrikes

User Info: Bapps44

4 years ago#2
name flaw huh. ok her name sorta looks like nividia

User Info: CheeseItBaggins

4 years ago#3
It rhymes with trivia. I hate trivia.
KingofAsia's sister is my waifu

User Info: Naxochils

4 years ago#4
CheeseItBaggins posted...
It rhymes with trivia. I hate trivia.

You monster.
"But if i bootypooty when i don't have to bootypooty it might result in a bootydoody. And you don't want that on your mouth." - Meatwad

User Info: MhkaMAth

4 years ago#5
Living through egg is harder than it looks.
Thanks paintbal:
And Alpha:

User Info: egakcap

4 years ago#6
Clearly morello's favorite champ and clearly the most op mid. clearly. Morello plz -my pro ryze build

User Info: aiiirik

4 years ago#7
See the humming bird
flying straight towards the fan
guts all over me
You're just jealous because the voices are only talking to me.

User Info: Masemune_100

4 years ago#8
Serious response? She's so ****ing slow.
Joke response? Why isn't Ahri first? Oh wait, she's flawless, nvm.
Rule #1 of Resident Evil: Don't catch the sunglasses.
GT - Judgement Blade

User Info: Godofmetal212

4 years ago#9
PSN: Reventon_3212 ------ League of Legends: m0k3tAl1ty
----- Steam ID: m0k3tAl1ty -----

User Info: megaman_fan220x

4 years ago#10
where are her moltres and zapdos skins?
sticks and stones may break my bones, but that F***ing ghost nuked my mineral line! (sc2)
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