first runes for Jungler- attack speed or movement speed

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User Info: Nanahara715

4 years ago#1
Just hit 21, and I've bought all my armor and mrres/lvl runes - dabbled with support, so I'm running 2 gold quints, and also dabbled wth adc so I have 6 attack damage marks (and 1 attack speed).

Recently picked up Skarner again, and Nunu jungle has always been a favorite of mine, I know both use MS quints and attack speed marks. Obviously, I want to remain competitive during my quest to 30.

Which will help me out more: gold quints to MS quints, or 6 AD quints to 6 AS quints?
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User Info: Toe_Jamulonis

4 years ago#2
Attack Speed Runes are helpful on just about anyone, and Move Speed Quints are just lovely and are helpful since the boots nerf. having ~14/15% attack speed and the 4.5% move speed is useful on just about any jungler, Amumu, Shaco, Maokai, Skarner, Udyr, Nocturne, just to name a few.
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User Info: Biglabron

4 years ago#3
Gold quints on jungler work with skarner if you plan on late game. Can't put a price on movespeed though.

When I play skarner I run gold quints with a philo/machete into regen item. I then build straight tank and sit on the gp 10's along with quick clears, gank every time ult is up.

I run this setup though with expectations of a 30min plus game. People are wasting early game power on gp10 stuff when its not needed as much anymore. Getting that core item in a flat 12 min can mean complete dominance instead of getting it at 20 because you got a philo and went the gp10 route. After scoring a first blood after turning lvl 3 or 4 I have even skipped upgrading machete sometimes and taken a giants belt.

A giants belt at lvl 4 or 5 before the solo lanes have even turned 6 yet means a flat out tower dive if you want. It is really hard for the enemy to calculate how fast you will die to tower shots at such an early level with a giants belt on.

There is a ton of depth we could cover on quints for jungler and how it affects your builds, but if you are looking for a flat answer and just go. Move speed.
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User Info: Thanatosz

4 years ago#4
If i could get on league right now, i'd post my jungling runes, but i've never used MS quints, and i've been quite successful. On skarner freeweeks (theres just so many champs i need to buy before yet another jungler) i always do well as him with AS runes. If you play lots of skarner in the jungle i'd say AS runes because he does have a sick movespeed buff already, and his passive lowers his cooldowns everytime he auto attacks, but if you play alot of things other than just jungle (Besides maybe ADC) MS quints would help you more in those roles too, so if you play alot of katarina or evelynn mid, or anyone else that goes and ganks alot MS would help you more in those roles at the same time. really its just preference i guess.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#5
Important to least important:

armor yellows
attack speed reds
ms/ad quints
mr/lvl blues
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User Info: gallantknight

4 years ago#6
Attack Speed is useful for pretty much every jungler with the new jungling item. But you can get Sufficient AS on your reds. MS Quints allow you to get in position to set up, gank, counter gank, and clear faster.

My standard jungling page for most of my junglers is...

9 x AS Reds
9 x Flat Armor Yellows
9x Scaling MR Blues
3x MS Quints.
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