Are junglers suppose to get kills?

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User Info: DarkLaguna

4 years ago#11
As a mostly top-laner, I don't mind at all if the Jungler gets a kill. As mentioned, I get to free farm up to their tower (with wards, of course) while the enemy top-laner sits in base waiting for respawn and has to run back, and I'll get my own kills from then on out by killing the top laner myself with my CS and level advantage (or at least out-poke/trade them and continue to have the CS advantage). And it gives me the ability to roam to mid and help out with ganks there.

The ADC should probably have the same attitude; any kill in their lane puts them ahead. And let's face it; Junglers need all the gold and experience they can get, or they'll fall behind in levels and gear.
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User Info: MIG297

4 years ago#12
Of course the jungler should be getting kills. If anything the jungler should be more entitled to it than the guy in lane.

When the jungler gets the kill it helps both of you out. You get a good amount of gold and go back to the jungle. Your teammate gets a little less gold but also gets free farm which providing they aren't awful at last hitting more than makes up for not getting a kill.

In the end you have 2 champs ahead instead of just 1.

User Info: HostileFire

4 years ago#13
Don't see any reason a jungler shouldn't be allowed kills but hopefully he doesn't take them all on purpose, especially if it's from the ADC. It's a hard line to stay on because there's nothing more annoying than watching a guy you could have killed run away because you didn't want to KS. | Steam ID: HostileFire

User Info: LANKAI09

4 years ago#14
Support Junglers usually don't, but if its amumu... his ***** tears will more than likely snag him the kill over his laner

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#15
preferable to get the laners the first couple
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User Info: weeedin

4 years ago#16
Bhellium posted...
preferable to get the laners the first couple

Pretty much this.

I really like getting my laners the kills early on. This allows them to bully harder/trade more effectively. If I get the kill as jungle that means that I can only use that gold to an advantage when I gank. If the laner gets the kill they can use that gold advantage the whole time they are in lane. Of course the jungler getting the kill helps gank other lanes, but a lot of times it feels more effective if the laner gets the kill.

User Info: 11117Elements

4 years ago#17
Take all the kills
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User Info: TruHNIC187

4 years ago#18
It's completely situational. Is your teammate in the lane that you are ganking behind? Then try to give him the kill. But wait, the enemy is almost to the tower and you're not sure if the laner can get that last shot off? Take it and give him the assist. Are you behind, and need the kill to help you catch up? Take it. Is your laner a ranged AA like Teemo, or an in-your-face tank like Singed?

Many variables

User Info: ERLiNo

4 years ago#19
I rather have a fed top mid or ADC then a fed jungler, most of the time atleast. Just dont obv KS them and its fine.
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User Info: GoldenFantasy

4 years ago#20
Has anyone ever got yelled at for not getting a kill and claimed they didn't want to ks?
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