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User Info: matthew2395

4 years ago#1
I have some friends who play Dota, and others who play League. After playing Dota for 70 hours, I've decided to give LoL a spin. What are the differences between the games that I should know about? So far, all I know is that there is no denying.... That's really it. Thanks in advance.
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User Info: Dark Vaporeon

Dark Vaporeon
4 years ago#2
Just watch some streams and get into it.

Its fun.
There are childeren.
Those are less fun.
But still
its fun.
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User Info: MMG_

4 years ago#3
Hmm in Dota burst is win while in LoL tankiness is win.

In Dota we have mics while in LoL we dont.

And its hard to farm in Dota while in LoL it isnt.
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User Info: SorrySleeping

4 years ago#4
-Towers are a lot stronger
-You can't deny
-Jungling is easier and gives better stuff
-No hidden or secret shops
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#5
You buy champions with in-game points;
You also buy Runes which you tack onto your character before a fight to make them stronger;
You have a "back" function, which is like a free TP scroll straight to your base;
You have two extra spells called Summoner Spells that are free to use;
You don't lose gold on death;
Your account levels up with fights, up to Level 30. Each time you gain a level, you gain access to another Summoner Spell (only at certain milestones), an extra Mastery point, and another Rune slot, up to 30, at which point you're able to enter ranked games;
There are 2 Blue Golems and 2 Red Lizards in the jungle. Kill one to gain a Blue or Red buff, which respectively increases your Mana Regen or makes your attacks slow the enemy;
Stats are more clear-cut. Attack Damage and Ability Power can be built with items, and most skills scale with one of these stats;
There's another stat called Tenacity, which passively reduces duration of crowd control on your character, very useful;
Not everyone uses Mana. Some use Health, some use Energy (like Mana but you have a lot less and it regenerates rapidly), some with their own resource system and some with no resource (they just spam spells without a care in the world);
Melee carries suck;
CC is very short compared to DotA. No AoE 7s silences or 3.5s stuns or anything. A 1s single target stun will be the norm, but there are some AoE abilities too;
Active items are more superficial and not really core to any play style, and there are much fewer of them;
There are two major enemies in the game, Baron and Dragon, both of which replace Roshan. Dragon is weaker and can be beaten by 1 or 2 people mid game. Late game it takes a full team to take out Baron;
That's pretty much all I can think of off the top of my head.
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User Info: LotionExplosion

4 years ago#6
1) You cannot block creeps in LoL. Meaning you cannot effectively position your creeps to your liking, or have the ranged creep go in front to essentially have their creeps push your wave in.

2) You cannot stack mobs in the jungle, nor can you pull mobs from the jungle into your creeps. This takes away even more laning strategies. Additionally, some heroes like Lone Druid could pull enemy creeps around the jungle and into your tower with his bear. You cant't do any of this in LoL.

3) You cannot deny creeps in lane, and there is no high ground advantage. In short, the only thing you can do in lane is harass, possibly kill your opponent, while trying to get last hits.

4) Towers are extremely strong earl on. In LoL, towers protect you, in DotA, you protect towers.

5) There are items in LoL which essentially give you lots of free wards, to promote this passive playstyle that you can see forming in the past 5 points.

6) Lanes are generally 1 very survivable person top, AP mid, 1 jungler who almost always follows a set path of jungling, and a support + AD carry bot. In DotA, the lanes can differ in so many ways, and junglers don't have as "set in stone" routes.

7) Mana costs are extremely small in LoL, meaning you want to spam your skills in LoL. In DotA this may be somewhat true for lategame, but the only time you spam your skills (excluding a few heroes) early game is when you're trying to get a kill.

8) In LoL, the fog of war is extremely bad. You cannot gain more vision by being on the high ground, and there are patches of tall grass called brush in a few spots around the map that make it impossible for anyone to see inside it unless they look inside it. Whereas in DotA, you get more vision by being on the high ground, and you can juke around trees..

9) In LoL, you can buy champions with in-game points, however it takes MANY games to unlock one of the more expensive (new) champions. New champions tend to be really strong as an incentive for players to buy the RP for that champion. There are exceptions like Karma, but you get my point. You also can spend your points on runes which give you an advantage in game. Generally speaking, most people who play LoL would say this is LoL's weakest point.

In Dota 2, all the heroes are free from the get-go because some heroes are direct counters to other heroes and the overall balance would be unfair. You can only spend money on cosmetic things, and you unlock cosmetic things through gameplay as well.

10) Due to the nature of LoL's gameplay, there are also tanks in that game. Whereas in DotA, it's your goal as say a support to position yourself properly as to not get black holed by an Enigma with blink dagger, so you can eul's him and turn that fight around for your teammates. Positioning in LoL is very important, but because of the spammability of spells and whatnot, tanks are in the game.

11) There are summoner spells in LoL, and almost everyone is going to carry flash, which is a blink move that can either be used for initiation, or in most cases (like 80% of the time), to get away from a sticky situation. This continues the passive trent in LoL. In DotA there is a blink dagger that any hero can buy (except Pudge and VS), but the thing is is that if you get hit, your blink dagger will get a 3 second cooldown. If you get hit again, it'll reset and become a 3 second cooldown again - Meaning you can only blink when you haven't been attacked for the past 3 seconds.

12) In LoL there is a recall function that allows you to teleport to your base - It does not cost any money, and you can use it as often as you like. There is also a teleport summoner spell, but due to it's 5 minute cooldown hardly anyone picks it up. DotA, on the other hand, provides TP scrolls with a 1 minute cooldown. They cost 135 gold and can be purchased at base or from a side shop, and allow you to teleport to any of your towers/base
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User Info: Zilean

4 years ago#7
If you played dota as much as you say you did, expect everybody to be much, much stupider when starting out.

User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#8
70 hours isnt that much though...

User Info: LotionExplosion

4 years ago#9
Ran out of space in my previous post. By the way, 70 hours isn't really much at all.

13) There is a courier/chick in DotA which you can purchase that allows you to buy items, have them get put on the courier, and have it come deliver items to you. If killed, everyone on the enemy team gets 100 gold and the courier takes about 5 minutes to respawn. The whole point of this is to keep you in the action - as spending time away from the game means less potential exp, gold, etc.

14) There is a rune on two sides of the river in the middle of the map. It can only spawn in one of those places, and it spawns every 2 minutes. The bottle item in LoL only really provides health/mana charges, but the bottle in DotA typically goes on the mid hero as once you deplete your bottle charges, you can take the rune, and it'll bottle the rune's effects so you can use it when you deem necessary, and it refills the bottle too. You can also refill the bottle by bringing the courier to you, putting it on the courier, sending the courier back to the fountain, and then sending the courier back to you. Proper rune control is extremely important and that's why in higher skill games you'll even have the supports checking for the rune every 2 minutes as an attempt to harm the enemy mid.

Rune effects are: Haste (max movespeed), illusion (makes 2 illusions of yourself, the enemy won't know which one is the real you), double damage, regeneration (full heal over time), and invisibility.

In LoL, the only thing that's really comparable to the rune is the blue/red buffs which always spawn in your jungle and the enemy jungle.

15) In DotA you have Roshan, which gives gold/exp when killed, as well as an aegis which makes the person holding it resurrect once upon death. After 3 roshan kills, it also drops cheese, which instantly heals your mana and health to full when used. In LoL Baron Nashor provides a full teamwide buff that increases stats, mana regen, etc. Another thing that LoL has is dragon, which provides gold/exp when killed, and is typically where you'll see a lot of action in earlier-mid stages of the game.

16) Item progression in DotA is everchanging unlike LoL. Perhaps the enemy built butterfly or has a hero with evasion, then you'll want to consider getting a monkey king bar. Maybe the enemy is getting away too fast, so you'll want to build a rot of atos or buy an early orb of venom. In LoL you almost always build the exact same items on the same champions.

17) Personally, I find balance to be leaps and bounds better in DotA than in LoL, but I won't push on this one. Just compare the two for yourself.

18) Heroes in DotA tend to stand out a lot more than champions in LoL. Invoker with all his spell combinations, wisp with his playstyle, slark with his "attack you while invisible", Rubick with his spell steal, Meepo, with his... 4 other meepos, Lone druid, with his ult that changes his form and his bear that can hold 6 items as well, etc. Not to mention that most heroes have really differing abilities like Bloodseeker's ult and whatnot.

19) Active items. In DotA there's a whole lot more and they do a whole lot of different things. Mek provides a burst heal and armor boost, pipe blocks magical damage, viel increases magic damage in target AoE, drums makes everyone move faster, Power Threads (when used correctly) provide a tiny bit of HP, Mana, or armor, depending on what you need, Armlet provides tons of attack speed and damage, Blink Dagger gives you a blink, Quelling Blade/Tangoes lets you cut down trees, Manta creates 2 illusions and dispells debuffs, etc.

19) Forgot to mention, you can also deny towers in DotA. Typically when you get a tower kill, your whole team gets 200 gold each and the person who last hit the tower gets a bit more. If that tower is denied, your whole team gets 100 gold instead. It makes protecting your towers a lot more important than in LoL.
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User Info: XxAzerothxX

4 years ago#10
Wonderful posts, Lotion. +10 internets to you.
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