so why isn't jungle garen a thing

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User Info: DarthPenguin111

4 years ago#31
Makes more sense than the Jungledinger I played with earlier that completely rolled the enemy olaf...
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User Info: iXCelticXi

4 years ago#32
natewei posted...
K then make jungle Garen a thing

Holy god, you guys. Dumb as a frickin' rock.
He isn't saying jungle Garen is good. He is saying that is not the reason it is as such. That is all.
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User Info: Lithsp

4 years ago#33
EnricoMarini01 posted...
Lithsp posted...
EnricoMarini01 posted...
Enclosure posted...
If laner had cc, I'd rather have a shyvana.


That, or maybe even Udyr. Even if they're both reliant on beelining towards the enemy, at least Shyv clears well, and Udyr has a follow up CC.

Garen is Garen. While he can clear well with E, his early clears are pretty meh, and his ganks can't even make use of his AA reset on Q unless they face check something.

Sure he does damage, but then he'd be Shyv. He'd have to pack Exhaust, and then he can't clear as fast or control objectives as fast.

It's not about who you'd prefer to have, really. Garen can definitely jungle, perhaps you'd rather a different jungler, but if someone locked in Garen jungle, and you were a laner with some CC, it could definitely work.

He should probably pack Exhaust/Smite though, and just focus on killing/ganking the lanes with CC. Even though he'd then have no escape.

Not disputing that he can jungle, as he can jungle with judgement.

Just saying that he's inferior in a lot of aspects to other junglers who can do what he does, but better. The only thing that stands out in my mind that makes Garen a great jungler is the fact that he can tower dive top at level 6 very easily and come out alive due to his Execution ult/R, but he doesn't scale well, and he's facing the same problem with Shyv/Udyr when oracles nerf bat him them too.

Not saying that it doesn't work, but ehhhhhhh whyyyy. He can't gank well, his farming only goes up efficiently after a few levels, and his passive is almost non existent :c

His passive helps keep him healthy when you're roaming between lanes, I know what you're saying, he's outclassed. But so is loads of champs that other people play.
He can definitely jungle, I mean it's all just down to practice really.

His ganks are stupidly scary if the enemy laner has any form of hard CC purely because you can't even flash away and he deals ****loads of damage.

User Info: AltosMega

4 years ago#34
I jungle Garen sometimes and the thing is that a gank from his is scary because if you don't flash immediantly he's going to chunk you for a lot of damage before you can get away. This is even worse after he hits level 6. IMO junglers with executes makes staying in lane with less than 2/3 hp a very hazardous ordeal. I'd still play jungle Darius and Riven over Garen though unless the team needs alot more tankiness.

User Info: Doc_M

4 years ago#35
I've jungled Garen maybe 5ish times at GFAQ's recommendation. It isn't terrible but it isn't the best. It's been said already but if your lanes have some cc then he is god mode jungle. He does a lot more damage than other tank junglers but is also a pain to kill. Someone recommended a Triforce on him which sounded terrible but I went something like 11/1 the game I built it.
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User Info: SteadyShark

4 years ago#36
I've tried so hard to make this a thing, but ultimately he sucks.

Even his speed boost only lasts like a second. :(
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#37
Most junglers have at least some hard cc or a slow or something. Garen has a silence and mediocre early clears.
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