When a teammate's global ult is fired...

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User Info: imasupernoob

4 years ago#1
A line indicator should show up on all teammates screens so they can take advantage and try to lure an enemy champion into Draven's axes or Ashe's arrow.

User Info: Rabid_Mexican

4 years ago#2
Use the minimap?
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User Info: Tali_Zorah

4 years ago#3
Rabid_Mexican posted...
Use the minimap?

The minimap only shows you the direction its going, not exactly where it will pass through. You can use it to lure enemies into it, yes, but it's not as easy as what he's suggesting.

What he wants is for a line to show up on the screen of every teammate that will show EXACTLY where the global ult will pass through once it reaches them, so you just lure your enemy onto that line and...

It'd be kind of cool, but I'm not sure about it.
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User Info: Enclosure

4 years ago#4
So make the game easier.

I bet riot will do it eventually.
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  3. When a teammate's global ult is fired...

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