Sion in S3

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User Info: QuikScopsRKewl

4 years ago#1
How is he? Is he better as AP or AD? Or just don't even bother?

User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

4 years ago#2
In need of a rework.
Never give up.
Never surrender.

User Info: The_Pwnisher

4 years ago#3
Not much has changed for him, still a good lane bully mid.

User Info: MtnJim

4 years ago#4
pretty much not even worth bothering. I've seen jungle sion perform DECENTLY...ONCE... so, there's that.
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User Info: JimboJen

4 years ago#5
only time I've seen a good sion was AD bruiser top and our top had no clue what Sions ult did... 6 kills later it was hard to stop him.
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is when it smacks you right in the face."- Bane- "In Pieces"

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