How many games positive are you?

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User Info: Chttrbox88

4 years ago#1
For your normal wins/losses or your ranked if you play ranked the majority of the time.

I have 651 Normal wins and I am 50 wins positive.

User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#2

User Info: OmfgitsBlah

4 years ago#3
1350ish wins, 300 positive.
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User Info: FvP

4 years ago#4
~311 wins
20 positive
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User Info: Small_appliance

4 years ago#5
~550 wins

~40 positive
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User Info: YourLuck

4 years ago#6
In normals I do a TON of trolling such as this.
So yeah that's a recent game.
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User Info: jepaan

4 years ago#7
What's positive?

User Info: KarmicDragon1

4 years ago#8
Currently I'm like 15/2

but that's bot games
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User Info: Dark_Dc

4 years ago#9
10 wins 7 losses in ranked so far

1025 wins 1050 losses in normals 5s (them early noob days)

I think I am 5-0 in TT 3s

I think I am something like 15-2 or something in Dominion
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User Info: Dark Vaporeon

Dark Vaporeon
4 years ago#10
1400 wins

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