How did you decide your pro team loyalties?

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User Info: qqaaxx

4 years ago#21
Saint is número uno. I follow him
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User Info: BIadeBIade

4 years ago#22
najin sword
they dived their way into my heart
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User Info: Cascayde

4 years ago#23
Big plays. Consistently so I know it wasnt a fluke.
GT: DeLaMal
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User Info: HagenEx

4 years ago#24
m5 fan since the beginning, rooting for Gambit Gaming all the way. TSM sucks, sucks, SK sucks, are ok, and I haven't seen too much from Asian Teams as to give an opinion on them.

User Info: Limbic

4 years ago#25
Paid DLC at release = end of games.

User Info: neon screen

neon screen
4 years ago#26
I follow individual players rather than teams.

I'm a Saint fan, so I'm rooting for Curse right now, but I rooted for CLG back when Saint was on it.

User Info: steamwr4p

4 years ago#27
Team MRN...

Cuz fighting game community <3
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User Info: arys75

4 years ago#28
Copenhagen Wolves because Copenhagen.

User Info: anilEhilated

4 years ago#29
It's more of a "sort out all the cheaters, jerks and Russians and see who remains" process.
For who could ever...?

User Info: samuricex

4 years ago#30
I tend to favor the people with the right attitude/personality that I like and how entertaining they are for me. For me it's TPA, Najin Sword, and SKT1 (mostly because of Reapered) in LoL. I tend to favor the home crowd more only if I'm not really into something or don't care for any other people or teams.
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  3. How did you decide your pro team loyalties?

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