Best late game carry who can 1v5 and win

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User Info: TwoForTragedy

4 years ago#21

User Info: Luster_Sly

4 years ago#22
From: Susan0 | #017
Gimme a V
Gimme an A
Gimme a Y
Gimme a N
Gimme an E

Wtf does that spell?

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User Info: BerserkFGriffth

4 years ago#23
Fed Morde 100% can if he can ult/burst the carry and proceed to E the entire enemy team on cd. They'll just melt.

User Info: Smishhh

4 years ago#24
This is assuming that the majority of them aren't almost dead already, because that's not a 1v5 that's just cleaning up and isn't noteworthy at all. And winning would mean you kill most if not all, and any potential survivors are incredibly low health and need to go back to base immediately or they will die.

Poppy can take on 5 and kill the person she wants, but not kill all of them. Best case scenario you kill 2 and escape with you life. Champs like Vayne can definitely kill the other team solo but not really in a 1v5 situation. Maybe take on 1v3 and have the other two show up after she's almost done with them anyway. Even the best mechanics shouldn't realistically allow you to escape 5 people simultaneously.

Morde could in the right situation because he can quickly turn it into a 2v4. Nasus could with enough farm, though Sion isn't likely if they have any type of cc or kiting ability.

User Info: funkedelike

4 years ago#25
reaver89 posted...
Mordekaiser with a good amount of magic pen or Caitlyn with a good amount of life steal and crit chance.

The problem with this is that most games don't go to that certain moment of the game where Morde is op (as in, late enough to where the adc isn't full build, but you have all your core items)
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User Info: FvP

4 years ago#26
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User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#27
fully farmed nasus can make a damn good go at it

User Info: Hitomoshi

4 years ago#28
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hmm no clue... that's a good idea

User Info: Sythstrife99

4 years ago#29

wait...they nerfed her"??


User Info: aqualord29

4 years ago#30
Any fed AD lifesteal fully built against a team with summoner skills on cooldown that have little CC....Tryn, AD Yi, Fiora, AD Sion, etc
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