I can't for the life of me support.

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User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#11
From: Reaper_Minion | #009
From: dennis941012 | Posted: 2/5/2013 5:42:07 PM | #005
From: Reaper_Minion | #004
Just practice... you need to able to tell when to be aggressive and when to stay back and this all comes from experience.

Team fighting is rough if you lost your lane. You will be extremely underleveled and won't have the money to be tanky. In that case just focus on warding and peel for your carries when needed.

support won't fall off though
adc will but support gets gold whether or not you win or lose the lane

You will be missing on a lot of experience and obviously won't get any assists either. It does have a huge impact.

you gain more xp when tower kills the minions because they kill it faster
and even when you are losing you can poke and ward to force enemy to push and open up for ganks
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User Info: The_Excerion3

4 years ago#12
You need to learn which supports and ADC's cater to which play styles. You probably shouldn't be going all in with Janna and Kog'Maw, and you shouldn't be trying to harass with Leona and Graves.

I can give a few more specific tips for the supports I play.

You preferably want a bursty all-in ADC like Graves in your lane.
Leona lanes are generally complete win/lose lanes, you either win easily or get destroyed.
If you're in front, you can keep the enemy zoned with the threat of guaranteed death if they engage when both you and your ADC are in range (have your ADC run past the enemy creep wave if they have to, make sure river is warded and/or the enemy jungler and mid are accounted for before you do this).
If you're behind, you're not going to be doing any zoning with Leona. You have two options, if you're against a harass comp (Ezreal, Kog, Sona, Soraka, countless others) you need to pick a moment and go all-in, you'll want your jungler's help for this. If the enemy isn't harassing too bad then you can try and farm to catch up, but it's very easy to get zoned as Leona when you're behind.

Taric shares a lot of the same attributes as Leona, but has a bit more sustain. You're still not going to outsustain most lanes so you'll need to pick your moments and fight like you would as Leona, but you can wait a bit longer if you're behind (for your jungler to show up).

Taric has the same problem as Leona in that he has no reliable disengage. It's crucial you don't engage the enemy when the enemy support is in a good position because you'll get peeled and destroyed before your ADC can do enough damage to secure a kill. Keep your bushes warded (counterward with pinks if you have to).

I also play a bit of Janna, but not as much. Janna has a ridiculous number of disengages but not much sustain. She's countered by high-sustain lanes, and she severely counters all-in champions like Leona. If you find yourself against an all-in comp like Leona/Graves you want to wait for the enemy to engage then use Q or R to disengage from the fight and try to turn it around in your favour. Against anyone else you want to force trades and time your shields right so your ADC comes out on top. You can use Q and W to disengage fights easily so you can play quite aggressive. You can also go in for kills with a W-Q combo but it's not quite as effective as the good initiators like Leona, Alistar etc.

User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
4 years ago#13
Ignore all those long winded guides and experiences.

Play ADC.

Now, every time you make a play, imagine "What COULD have happened if I had an extra person here?"

That's what you do as a support.

Example: Ashe arrow, flash in, ignite volley rightclick, get killed by jungler flung into their full health thresh from tribush while your super tanky Blitzcrank sits in the back herpderping instead of blocking skillshots and disrupting enemy team.

Lesson: Ward tribush, follow up when ADCs initiate, poke the enemy to low health so they can be finished off instead of betting it on an all-in gambit, protect the damn carry.
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User Info: Negativezerocoo

4 years ago#14
Its all about adc support synergy. Identifying the threat in your lane and making them play your game or countering theirs . Warding, watch the mini map as if your driving(watch what your doing but when you see a extra face icon ping.

With right combo of support/adc

Blitz: avoid that bush/ ward, be ready to respond to grabs
Rush in stunners: passive play or bait them into a situation where thier adc cant respond immediately, while harassing if possible (bush wards++++++)
Harass: If your doing the same judge your strengths, if your stronger out of the harass play on that, If not setup a play with jungler /sight wards. If possible zone them if your stunner type.
Soraka: Your adc should be doing harass, infinte mana, armor + heals = trade beast. Silence if you want, but adc should be TRYING to burn mana on harass

Extra: if you can spare an extra ward and you have one of those... mids/ jungle you can cover the other teams jungle exit , makes easier plays, helps everyone not die except when they do........ FUUUUUUUU

User Info: Metleon

4 years ago#15
I've already decided to more or less only use Morgana when I support. Just get Philo Stone, Kage's, and Sightstone and start building into late game (Sorc Shoes, RoA, Deathcap, Zhonya's, Abyssal, other situational items). Your Q lets your ADC get a lot of damage onto whoever it hits and you can hold the lane with your W.

Late game, Shurelya's lets you get into the center of the enemy team and ult, while the rest of your team deals most of the damage. Kage's builds into many different things and you can always sell it for something else.

So just use a high CC champ you're good with to support and go for late game.
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User Info: FlareZero

4 years ago#16
Seems like you're having trouble with positioning. I'd suggest watching streams, spectating games, and paying attention to enemies who are outplaying you. You learn a lot as to where they go to prepare (for initiations and disengagements), how to maintain bush control, and when to harass.
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User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#17
Support is an art.
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