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User Info: nastylep

4 years ago#11
CrazyFunkyMasao posted...
@NeoAndriul Thanks.

@SexualPizza Yeah, you're right. Btw, your name is totally awesome.

@nastylep I know (i think they pronounce it something like chrachrachra... Dunno how to say it in english, in german I would say "chachacha"), but it's not like we say "hahahahahahahaha" at the beginning and the end of every sentence.

@Tekutso Indeed.

@MwarriorHiei Yeah, I don't want to lose mine either, it just came over me.

@GENEC1DE Sounds awful man. Thanks for sharing. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved, lol.

oh yeah, i'm not disagreeing with you. it's incredibly obnoxious, and one of the reasons why i refuse to play with people like that if they make it apparent they are "one of those people" in team selection. Your situation was tough, but my general #2 rule is Instalock Yi = Instadodge

User Info: JennaTahlia

4 years ago#12
gibe moni pls
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User Info: TheDarkNerd

4 years ago#13
Just reading this topic is getting my blood slowly boiling.

Dealing with this sort of thing for years though has me starting this game with a rather oddly high level of patience.

User Info: theEqualizer

4 years ago#14
I just lost a game thanks to a Brazilian duo queue like you. Volibear support and Rengar jungle. Long story short, Voli doesn't buy wards, rushes Warmogs. Rengar doesn't pull off a successful gank all game while their jungle Vi is all over the map making plays. We get 5-0'd at baron and this fills my chatlog:

Volibear: noob team jajajaja
Rengar: jajajaja
Rengar: noobs
Rengar: jajajaja
Volibear: jajajaja
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User Info: CosmosYears

4 years ago#15
I just raged for the first time

Welcome to the brotherhood my son.
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User Info: T3h_4rb1t0r

4 years ago#16
mute him. BOOM
george washington was in a cult , and the cult was into aliens, man. yea the founding fathers were way into aliens.
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