AA with Karth

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User Info: JackDaniels1964

4 years ago#1
Why not build extreme glasscanon on him, and exploit his passive by flash -> Q + AA everyone in range?
Build him like a standard ADC and put rylais so your Qs slow people for more AAs
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4 years ago#2
Why build AD when you could go ap and do a s*** ton of damage and actually be usefull when you die
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User Info: LaqOfInterest

4 years ago#3
Karthus has an auto-attack?
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User Info: nastylep

4 years ago#4
It's like a crap version of AD zilean (which can actually be pretty damn good)

User Info: HyperOmegaX

4 years ago#5
He can't auto attack during his passive.
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User Info: B01t

4 years ago#6
HyperOmegaX posted...
He can't auto attack during his passive.
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