Can Garen actually be "countered"?

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User Info: GoldenFantasy

4 years ago#51
steamwr4p posted...

I'm pretty sure Garen has an amazing late game.
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User Info: pinkpantherfan5

4 years ago#52
No mention of Swain? I am disappoint
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User Info: Painthawf

4 years ago#53
Whoever thinks Jax beats garen in lane has never played a competant garen in lane LOL IGN: Paintballreturns

User Info: Laveronx

4 years ago#54
From: pinkpantherfan5 | #052
No mention of Swain? I am disappoint

I was about to say. An entire 50+ posts and no mention of the hardest counter against Garen?

Swain laughs at Garen, cause Garen has absolutely not way of getting to Swain.
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User Info: Z-911-Z

4 years ago#55
From: GoldenFantasy | #051
steamwr4p posted...

I'm pretty sure Garen has an amazing late game.

This. I doubt a guy who can run into a team and deal out massive armor shred, while getting hit by everything in sight and still run out with at least half his health is anything to scoff at.

User Info: Kaosubaloo

4 years ago#56
Maybe not as good as Teemo but Singed is also a pretty bad match for Garen. Poison makes Garen's passive take longer to go off and punishes him (and everyone else) for chasing him. What's more, Singed can disrupt Garen's laning with well-timed throws, making him waste a good chunk of spin time.

Garen can't really deal enough damage to a smart Singed to kill him either. The only thing that usually gives me trouble from Garen is his Ult, and that's only because I self-admittedly get too cocky and tend to overcommit. This is something that a Better player would not have to deal with.
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User Info: Masemune_100

4 years ago#57
Lithsp posted...
Masemune_100 posted...
Zed. Your passive will never be up, you won't catch him with anything, he'll shove the lane as hard as you, and he can and will kill you.

Zed has no chance, at all. As the game progresses, it just gets harder and harder for Zed.
Absolute no chance.

TC confirmed for having no idea what he's talking about. You do realize that as the game progresses it gets easier for Zed to instant kill anyone he chooses right?
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User Info: awwwSNAP

4 years ago#58
Yorick absolutely shuts him down. He can only get a kill if Garen is careless and just sits and takes the harass, but if Yorick can freeze lane anywhere near tower Garen cannot cs, period. Like no cs for Garen. I just played this matchup and had 100 cs before Garen broke 50. Bot lane went 4/13 and we still lost though :(

User Info: negative4

4 years ago#59
GoldenFantasy posted...
steamwr4p posted...

I'm pretty sure Garen has an amazing late game.

Garen's late game is amazing. His ult punishes even harder when people start stacking more HP.
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User Info: FvP

4 years ago#60
Garen is a tank that does damage so he's op and can't be countered
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