Utility champion. There can only be one!

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User Info: Beech_tibs

4 years ago#11
Jarvan! slow, knock up, shield, aura, armor shred... And an ultimate that burns escapes....
People think they are smart for choosing ez or kass vs jarv..

a lot of people are sheep so they won't believe a champion is strong until a pro says so

User Info: WebBowser

4 years ago#12
Jarvan actually does work well, he can kill lane or support equally well in bot, is a well known jungler / top, and can proably hold his own against most mids until level 6 and then outright murder them post 6.
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User Info: mantana888

4 years ago#13
Jarvan was my go-to in situations like that, because I was most comfterable with him.

He's good top, although he loses more matchups now with how good BC is.

He's good in the jungle.

He's good mid if you know what you're doing.

AD carry Jarvan best Jarman

Support Jarvan = fun
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  3. Utility champion. There can only be one!

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