How does everyone feel about the new sightstones?

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User Info: albinorhino004

4 years ago#21
I generally get it after philo now instead of rushing it with flask. If I'm dedicating a slot to wards anyway, I'd rather run around with three at a time and an oracles + more hp
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User Info: Smishhh

4 years ago#22
MrFail posted...

You are only GAINING gold after you pay off the stone's cost in wards. Which takes more than 18 minutes assuming you only count wards that receive their full 3 minutes. I can see how a Lee Sin might go for that, but not a support. Who do you play as?

Well it already has the life benefit instantly, so you aren't paying for nothing. You're basically paying 475g upfront to have wards purchases taken care of for laning, as well as building into the ruby version. I do believe that its upgrade still needs buffing though.

Also there is some value to the wards that are out for less than their full life. Sometimes I'll put one down in a place I want it immediately (safer way to face-check or things like that), sacrificing one that is in a traditional place temporarily. Then when that business is sorted go and replace the one that was erased before going back to base. You can be a lot more liberal with them when you are working with charges instead of real ones you spent gold on. You can replace them whenever its convenient to keep their timers full for when you're busy and can't just pop off to reward when they die.

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#23
vincentvalentine posted...
the upgrade one should give you pink wards instead...

honestly speaking it'd be nice but would make stealth basically worthless late game
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User Info: The-World-Seven

4 years ago#24
tlalynet0 posted...
That's still 2 slots for warding. 5 real wards > 2-3 ghost wards. 5 real wards in one slot >> 2-3 ghost wards+another slot for the other 2-3 wards...

I'm saying the only time its worthwhile is when you have 5 full items+oracles and enough gold to straight up buy it and get the HP out of it while hanging onto a few wards.

You're wrong in saying it's only worthwhile in that situation.
Sightstone is worth buying for the reasons stated above by other gfaqs users.
Supports don't need to worry about slot efficiency very much because of their low income.
One would usually be using 2 slots for pinks anyway.
Unlike purchasing wards straight up, it doesn't pay out immediately. That is the reason it doesn't feel like a worthy investment.
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  3. How does everyone feel about the new sightstones?

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