Is manamune good on elise?

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User Info: Snacks23

4 years ago#11
any jayce maxing W first is an idiot, and the mana you get with W at level 1 is extremely negligible. not to mention it only gives mana when you attack in hammer form, and Jayce isn't always attacking in hammer form, especially in lane

manamune is good on jayce because he can spam abilities really easily to stack it up and it gives him lots of AD but the best part of it is the mountain of mana it gives him allows him to do a lot of poking with cannon E/Qs. if you think he can regain the mana he spends shooting those off by smacking creeps with his hammer, you don't really play a lot of jayce
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User Info: MhkaMAth

4 years ago#12

Because f*** Urgot. Free stuff!

User Info: Neo_PortaPotty

4 years ago#13
MhkaMAth posted...

Because f*** Urgot.

Alright i forgot urgot yes and while i never see them i agree f urgot.
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User Info: Kandar888

4 years ago#14
Neo_PortaPotty posted...
zeppelin312 posted...
Neo_PortaPotty posted...
Not really its pretty much only good on yorick or ryze.

and jayce
and kha
and like anybody who can stack it easily and wants some manaper5

Jayce shouldnt need the mp5 since he has w and i cant speak for khaz ive never used him.

The murmana gives jayce an additional 1000 mana to his disposal. Plus it gives like another 60ish+ AD? And it's Muramana... It's a core item for Jayce Mid.
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  3. Is manamune good on elise?

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