Of all the ADC, who...

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User Info: MegaManUltima

4 years ago#1
Of all the ADC, who would you rate the top 3 in terms of ability to just outcarry anyone and anything else? This is in terms of ranked SR (either solo/duo or teams), not dominion or normal.


User Info: Thanatosz

4 years ago#2
Ezreal graves and varus. Okay not varus, but the first two were my only ones.
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User Info: KarmicDragon1

4 years ago#3
Draven, Vayne, Corki
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User Info: Barrenite

4 years ago#4
Varus Draven and Ezreal

not in that order
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User Info: ssupermario92

4 years ago#5
the lack of tristana in this topic disturbs me
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User Info: kaysa13

4 years ago#6
Vayne, Ezreal, and Varus.

In no particular order.
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User Info: ProjectSiolence

4 years ago#7
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User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
4 years ago#8
Ezreal, for obvious reasons.

Graves, because he's a god damn tank in every sense of the word. He's decently armored, he's carrying multiple people, and he has a very big gun.

Tristana, because rocket jump An Enemy Has Been Slain rocket jump Double Kill rocket jump Triple Kill rocket jump QUADRA KILL rocket jump PENTA KILL rocket jump LEGENDARY KILL rocket jump YOUR TEAM HAS DESTROYED A TURRET.
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User Info: RedZaraki

4 years ago#9
Vayne and Kogmaw are the biggest hyper adc.

User Info: Smishhh

4 years ago#10
Vayne, Kog'Maw and Ezreal. The first two assuming you mean who can carry hardest hypothetically, and not who carries most often. They out carry based on their power and abilities, not necessarily leading in terms of win rates. Kog especially needs the rest of the team to not suck to utilize his power. If your team is crap then sub Kog for Graves.

Ez+Sona, Taric+Graves and Nunu+Vayne(or Kog) are the probably the safest bets when want to win lane and then carry the game. They just work damn well.
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