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User Info: ChocoboDreams

4 years ago#31
Alakazam_fan posted...
Overwhelming Majority

I'd say so. I hope you get banned in the future, toxic scum of the League.
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User Info: xngen

4 years ago#32
...first game, i don't understand that mf build

User Info: Sid_Icarus

4 years ago#33
From: ChocoboDreams | #151
Alakazam_fan posted...
Overwhelming Majority

I'd say so. I hope you get banned in the future, toxic scum of the League.
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User Info: GGAGAHC

4 years ago#34
Yes people should have thicker skin but people should also not need to be put in a position where they have to have thick skin. And aside from that, just as much as you expect others to just have thick skin and brush off your rage, others should expect you to brush off losses with your presumed thick skin.
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User Info: TutsMyBaree

4 years ago#35
Deserved. ;)

User Info: Arkhanoid

4 years ago#36
FlareZero posted...
Wow. I'm surprised you're not banned. It's toxic players like you who make the community so awful.

User Info: I_love_SunnyD

4 years ago#37
Did you seriously ask if they give you a redemption code for a new account if you get perma-banned?

You're the type of kid who got rewarded for getting in trouble when you were younger weren't you >_>?
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User Info: Prestigousness

4 years ago#38
i was wondering for rp because it is money spent, i could understand a ban still having an effect if you lose the ip you've made in the process.
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User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#39
The first one: You called someone a scrub. usually leads to then saying something bad about you. (on a side note, the twisted fate in that game was really rude the whole game and defensive, when you insulted her even once "OMG sexist omg!!!!"...pretty lame)

The second one: "Vayne [00:30:36] YOU DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY ENOUGH
Vayne [00:30:40] ITS WHY YOU SUCK
Vayne [00:30:43] AND LOSE ALL THE TIME" this line among others is the reason you got reported, i'd hit punish just for this game frankly lol

The third one: "Shaco [00:17:58] cause u cs minions instead of fighting when i gank
Shaco [00:18:00] you idiot
Shaco [00:18:08] this is why i hate jungling
Shaco [00:18:16] cause nobody knows how to play unlocked
Caitlyn [00:18:29] wow
Shaco [00:19:11] worst team ever
Shaco [00:19:15] yep
Shaco [00:19:19] 40 seconds" This line among others of similar wording is what i'd report for too

The fourth one: This one has a lot of lines i could quote. im just going to go with the one i found in the first few seconds of looking
"Dr. Mundo [00:31:23] can you guys be more dirt
Dr. Mundo [00:31:35] like teemo gets destroyed on sight
Dr. Mundo [00:31:38] so waste"

The fifth/final one: "Rengar [00:36:07] again you p**** from teamfights
Rengar [00:36:18] like i go in i do damage
Rengar [00:36:22] you know what that is right
Nidalee [00:38:06] rengar fight alone gj noob
Rengar [00:38:07] ty for rehrouping mid
Rengar [00:38:09] awesome
Rengar [00:38:16] what are you doing that more important than mid
Rengar [00:38:21] good thing you got that cs
Rengar [00:38:23] ooooooooh
Rengar [00:38:33] legit as the only one besides nunu doing anything of use
Rengar [00:38:39] youre pretty ****" among other lines...

yeah you deserved the ban. hope it was for a month or so and you can actually look at what you typed and why people shouldnt have to deal with that kind of attitude :D
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User Info: Dottled

4 years ago#40
Game 1 your rage was maybe justified due to you being set upon, but after that you were just out of order. Also your Vayne build would have made me laugh so hard that I wouldn't be able to see the game due to the tears in my eyes and you say 'your' when you should say 'you're' a few times so that's definitely a good reason to be punished.
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