First Ranked PENTAKILL!

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User Info: TheSchref

4 years ago#21
Amarajah posted...
From: TheSchref | #018
Tekutso posted...
Herostratus_ posted...
Carried a Ranked game so hard with Akali.

You call that hard carrying with Akali?

Thats hard carrying with Akali.

WP gratz on penta :D

Well, his one in Gold 1, yours was around Bronze 2. Still a good game though.

Since when is 1240-1260 bronze? But regardless, yeah it's lower by quite a bit.


User Info: KaosShadow

4 years ago#22
sorry but you didn't really carry that game, you just did you job as the assassin cleaning up fights. Why am I saying this? Because look at you second SS, from the damage done to champions you're even lower than your support. From the looks of it, most of the fights consisted in everyone doing their job correctly, MF and Ryze doing tons of damage, Zyra supporting, Mundo meat shield and you cleaning up easy (which is the easiest way to get a penta TBH).

I'm not trying to take away your credit, you did well and congrats on the penta, but that's not carrying. Carrying is winning the game (almost) by yourself when your team is doing much worse than the enemy team, and in this case your team was doing pretty good.
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