Is Kog'Maw worth it?

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User Info: Mister_Biggie

4 years ago#1
I watched a few videos of him, but they was nearly a year old. Is he still good? I just finished buying all my AD runes, and I'm looking to invest into a champ.
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User Info: PeterPan88

4 years ago#2
Fantastic late game, but has no escapes and is fairly slow. With the current love for Assasins and AD casters, thats a recipe for disaster. In certain team comps though, hes fantastic if your support can peel and you can position

User Info: TimeBeard

4 years ago#3
He's a relatively team dependant ADC. He he's weak early game, decent mid, and monstrous late. He requires a team though in that he has no form of escape other than flash. So long as he can survive the one or two people who are bound to barrel straight into him, he's usually fine after that due to his range. He also does a hefty amount of % of health damage as well due to his W(which becomes stupidly strong with a nunu support). Overall he's squishy, not very mobile, and quickly focused, but comes with one of the strongest late game damages in the game. Additionally you could also go AP Kog'maw in mid and poke the enemy team to hell while still having more presence in team fights than an AP Nidalee.
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  3. Is Kog'Maw worth it?

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