Name a mid matchup you have trouble with!!

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User Info: MMG_

4 years ago#71
vs hmm no one in particular but I get owned mostly by AP nid, strange...
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User Info: slaynman

4 years ago#72
**** LeBlanc
So you want to learn Hakan do ya?
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User Info: Masemune_100

4 years ago#73
SeaIntoTheSky posted...
Post 6 most Kha'zixs will put a put into Void Spike so he gains better wave clearing capabilities than you but you can already look to all in him. can't really all in Kha'zix when he's level 6 and expect to kill him unless he already burned leap, ult and flash for some other reason.
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User Info: SeaIntoTheSky

4 years ago#74
Masemune_100 posted...
SeaIntoTheSky posted...
Post 6 most Kha'zixs will put a put into Void Spike so he gains better wave clearing capabilities than you but you can already look to all in him. can't really all in Kha'zix when he's level 6 and expect to kill him unless he already burned leap, ult and flash for some other reason.

A general rule of thumb for not only this situation but all match ups is to slightly push the lane on key levels where you have a power spike ahead of your lane opponent and predict you will go hyper aggressive. In this situation I(as Fizz) would push the lane to get lvl 6, 2-3 creeps ahead of Kha'zixs which gives me a large power spike that I may all in him with. Just be aware of the map since you don't want to end up dying to their jungler^^

User Info: SeaIntoTheSky

4 years ago#75
kirbymuncher posted...
annie vs lux

one of the few mid matchups I really hate, probably due to the range difference
Before the 6 min mark of the game you should be able to harass Lux and attempt to zone her. Start with W, charge it up in spawn and start to zone her. If Lux stays a fair distance away her skill shots are relatively easy to dodge. If you somehow manage to harass her with your Q a bit you can look to all in at lvl 4-5 with a charged Q. Flash stun Q, followed by W and ingite and one or two auto attacks. It is really difficult to harass Lux since her range is really far. If it comes to a stalemate where she tries to poke you and you have difficulty dodging just play a cs game until lvl 6.

Also good to note is that Annie has one of the highest auto attack ranges set at 625 compared to Lux's 550. It is a significant difference so unless you keep getting caught by her Q binds you can poke most mids down. A good tip is to always keep your stun charged up when going to harass or zone. Even if you don't stun them and just get in an auto attack the presence of having it up is very scary and they probably won't trade.

Annie wins almost all matchups at lvl 6 so if you don't feel comfortable harassing at eariler levels just farm safely. Slightly push the wave so you gain lvl 6, roughly 3 minions ahead of Lux, with your stun charged up. Flash R on her, QW followed by ignite and autos. Lux has relatively low health and most don't run flat MR since she is such a safe hero. Most of the time you can only all in with Flash since Lux keeps such a large distance. Other than that just play safe^^

User Info: Lord_Woobie

4 years ago#76
Viktor (me) vs. LeBlanc.

Sooooooooooo much mobility.
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User Info: _RaveMaster_

4 years ago#77
Master Of The Dead posted...
Pretty much anyone vs Akali.

Poke to 6
Freeze lane appropriately and ask for ganks.
Don't let her confirm her Q's (you have to be in melee range for her to do that) they do stupid high damage lv 1-3 if she confirms them.
Don't get zoned by shroud, if she shrouds to CS poke her when she's about to last hit. and get ganks the second it goes down.
MR and health. (obviously)
Roam if you can after 6 her burst is stupid high and she can get in and out very well.
Spellvamp is stupidly OP she can heal back from 50% to 100% in no time flat mid game from minions.
Her few faults is that she needs good engages, if Akali ever engages the opposing team she will die. She is a sort of clean up crew and very squishy.
Pink ward the lane to not allow shroud farming/juking.
CC her constantly people like Vi give her a hard time IMO.

She's a solid pick against a lot of the mids.

If all else pick Garen or Lee sin.
Garen's silence OP and can spin in her shroud pretty much hitting her regardless.
Lee sin's tempest reveals her in shroud and gives her a really hard time pre 6, and is able to kick her away post 6 as well as transition himself in lane almost if not better than her.

I pretty much play her a lot you either carry as akali and carry hard or you completely fail, there is no real middle.


Basically Akali is all or nothing. You will single handily win games or you fall behind and stay behind the entire game.

User Info: luigi33

4 years ago#78
From: Master Of The Dead | #005
Pretty much anyone vs Akali.

Send Garen mid, laugh in Akali's face.
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User Info: SeaIntoTheSky

4 years ago#79
dennis941012 posted...
kass vs zed help :<

Unfortunely Zed's range is further than Kassadins. It just goes with the nature of Kassadin that you will be giving up some cs prior to being lvl 6. Start with flask pots for mana sustain. Just look to safely cs with autos and Qs when you can. Let the minions go if you feel you will lose too much health to get it and Q is on cooldown.

If Zed is playing passively then you can look to do the traditional Q to silence and harass him prior to going in for easy cs with auto attacks. You can do this tactic if he attempts to Razor Shuriken as well. Just make sure to dodge first since trades aren't very favorable for you until post 6.

The good news is post 6 Kassadin does what he does best, breaks out like a truck. Roam for kills. You can always look to combat Zed at this point with Rift Walk into QE then walk away. When you think you can all in use R into QE, ignite, then auto attacks. The reason you can do this now and not before is because you can get in mid range to silence with Q before Zed can poke you or shadow away with any of his spells.

User Info: SeaIntoTheSky

4 years ago#80
Lord_Woobie posted...
Viktor (me) vs. LeBlanc.

Sooooooooooo much mobility.

Viktor out ranges Leblanc when you use death ray on a minion and line it to harass. Le Blanc will look to trade at the following levels: 3,5,6. These are the levels you need to stay further back and harass with lazer. By lvl 6 you should have already a small boost in health and some MR. Chalice is a nice pickup for Viktor in the early stages if you have trouble as it solves both his mana issues, allowing you to harass with laser and MR issues.(I wouldn't turn Chalice into Athenes, from here go onto your normal core build.

If you aren't confident run 9 into defense masteries for the MR and flat MR glyphs. If you are having trouble in lane push hard at lvl 5 so you can go back and do a quick shop before she turns 6 without losing too many minions. If had that much trouble chances are she will kill you right when she turns 6, shopping allows you to get some HP and MR. From lvl 6 and on just look to clear the minion waves with 2 lasers and run. You really don't want to engage her until teamfights. If she gets in too close try to land your Power Transfer to do a little damage and gain a shield before her burst comes down. You normally get to lvl 6 around the 6 min mark. You'll have shopped for either some doran rings or chalice and hopefully the jungler gives you the blue buff at a little after the 7 min mark(Depending on how fast he killed it). This should allow you to sustain in lane safely clearing minions with laser without fear of running out of mana.
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