C/D you kill someone when they DC

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User Info: Megaman703

4 years ago#11
From: SpaceToaster | #009
I kill if it's ranked, I leave them alive if it's normal.

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User Info: KeepItCivil

4 years ago#12
Depends. I feel guilty when I do it though, since I remember those times when I had a "garenteed" DC per game. Coming back and seeing the that I gave first blood bot was NOT fun.
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User Info: funkys-flights

4 years ago#13
I'll do you one better ---

I instigate in all chat so I can kill ppl when they TYPE!! huehue
................ ~...............
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User Info: Blbmbr666

4 years ago#14
C if ranked.
D if normals.
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User Info: yomamma297

4 years ago#15
Why would you not kill them? It's a free kill and they should be punished for having garbage internet.
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#16

Deny, though there are special circumstances.
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User Info: Viewtiful_Jon

4 years ago#17
I presume its bait so kill them, I one had an ally pretending to be dc and when he was on half hp he used a health pot but still stayed there, he never died but also did not achieve anything as he had to leave the lane when he got to low. It was pretty obvious with him using a health pot.

User Info: ShadowD00m

4 years ago#18
C, a kill is a kill and I'm not letting easy money go to waste. Are there times I might make an exception? Sure, however it all really depends but generally i do.
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User Info: Shadow_King56

4 years ago#19

Anyone who doesn't wants to lose.
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User Info: mantana888

4 years ago#20
DesertShinobi posted...
C if they were being a jerk in chat
D if i noticed they dc
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