ITT We give champions small buff that'll break them

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User Info: Alakazam_fan

4 years ago#21
Lay Waste now affected by coolown
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User Info: JaggiJumper

4 years ago#22
Zyra's E pops up like her Q.
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User Info: HappyDude69

4 years ago#23
Vlad's passive stacks with itself.
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User Info: xngen

4 years ago#24
...j4's ult really is impassable

User Info: Gaddswell

4 years ago#25
Leona can trigger her own passive

User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#26

Death Sentence
PASSIVE: Thresh's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage on each hit. This value is equal to the total number of souls collected plus a percentage of his attack damage, based on the amount of time since his last attack.

Delete the bolded. Or we cut the opening lag on the Active by 50%. We don't even need to patch notes it. We just do it.

User Info: BlueJoneleth

4 years ago#27
Poppy's ultimate refreshes is she kills her marked target.
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User Info: casperrulez

4 years ago#28
Swain gets an actual passive

Kennens stuns no longer have diminishing returns
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User Info: Suicidal Smurf

Suicidal Smurf
4 years ago#29
blitzcrank q is global
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User Info: Sharzakenator

4 years ago#30
Shaco boxes now fear immediately
Hecarim abilities now deal full damage to minions
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