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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#11
From: QuadPony | #001
I like to poke early game but be able to combo someone down fast as well. Suggestions?

You may actually like to look at Diana. She's not unplayable anymore after she's gotten some quality of life changes. Her Q can do some great damage early game, at least enough that your opponent NEEDS to dodge it, or else they'll be leaving lane after only a few hits. Then when you want to actually fight, Diana has a quick burst combo as well as sustained damage that modifies her auto attacks, allowing you to stay in a fight even when your cooldowns are down.

Diana also likes to build a bit bulky, so you get Tanky and have damage enough to be an assassin. League of Tanky DPS!

User Info: xEvoker

4 years ago#12
Syndra, never lose lane.
LoL IGN: Evoker

User Info: Skunkdog1

4 years ago#13
lux, karthus, morgana, gragas

User Info: arys75

4 years ago#14
Kha'zix currently.

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