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User Info: OmegaFlare18

4 years ago#41
KeepItCivil posted...
Suffer_Not posted...
From: KeepItCivil | #001
Inb4 she gets killed and we get the first demacian undead.


What the hell Fiora is dead?

judging by her popularity, yes :P
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User Info: ratchet200

4 years ago#42
If she gets a pet i hope they expand on the idea of Orianna's pet ball thing.
Has some good potential :D

User Info: Scarecrow1711

4 years ago#43
2 new pages guys


You can thank me later.
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User Info: lvl99link

4 years ago#44
From: lvl99link | #036
I wonder if she is a doctor...

No one thought my joke was funny. =(

User Info: MwarriorHiei

4 years ago#45
From: Barrenite | #027
MwarriorHiei posted...
Caleb is her lover. he is dead.

Caleb is her brother

and your point is...?
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  3. 2 new pages of "Quinn's journal"

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