Please help me with my Jarvan item choice

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User Info: antara2

4 years ago#1
Boots of speed
2 dorans blades
mercury treads
trinity force
black cleaver
last whisper

I am only playing bots top lane right now. Are these good items and a good order to buy them?
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User Info: mystermandragon

4 years ago#2
please dont play bots. You're missing out on a lot of the game
if you are afraid that you will get stomped, dont be, Riot is good at putting you up against people of equal skill. you may run into a few smurfs here and there but those will be filtered out quickly.

as for your question.

you change your build depending on how the game goes.
If you get a few early kills, go ahead and build damage items (Black cleaver, Blood thirster, Last Whisper, etc). Brutalizer is usually always a good pick up at the start.

if you dont get too many kills, Jarvan will fall off but if you build tank, you can still be useful to your team. Get items like Warmog's, Sunfire, Randuins. and the like.

Black Cleaver is something i would build almost everytime, but other than that, build for the situation at hand, the same can be said for most champions.
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User Info: OmegaFlare18

4 years ago#3
are you just starting or you leveling up/level 30?

cause honestly, the coop community is way more tolerable than the pvp one. Other than Dominion (shush), I barely, if ever play PVP SR.
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User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#4
Don't buy phage for laning

pracitce against other people

buy more or less beef depending on team comp, how your team is doing, etc.

User Info: Yoketa

4 years ago#5
I tend to shy away from Trinity Force on J4. Sure, it is damage but Black Cleaver works just as well. I generally go:

Boots 3
Doran's Blade x2
Giant's Belt
Black Cleaver
Situational past here

User Info: aibohphobia

4 years ago#6
get early damage and lifesteal (meaning bloodthirster). all-in every time some puny enemy tries to come into your lane
ghostblade --> black cleaver since J4 is all about that ridiculous upfront burst damage
sword of the divine helps kill (unwilling) challengers in your thunderdome
get LW if you need armor pen. get a second brut after your ghostblade instead if you want to demolish them before they have a chance to build armor (only if fed and the fed enemy is squishy)

User Info: Shadow_King56

4 years ago#7
Build him tankier, the great thing about J4 is he can still deal tons of damage without much items.

For top lane:
Ninja / mercs
Black Cleaver
Frozen Mallet

Black Cleaver
Frozen Mallet
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  3. Please help me with my Jarvan item choice

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