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User Info: _RaveMaster_

4 years ago#1
Is there anyway to know which of Annie's attack will stun without counting each attack until it hits the 4th?

Also is there a way to tell which of your attacks will stun as Annie without counting?

User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#2
there is an animation around her body, and the tooltip indicator lights up

User Info: fEARtHEgOOCH

4 years ago#3
Look at Annie... She looks different when you are about to be stunned. If you play as Annie, you will see the animation/icon will show above skills.
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User Info: BIitzcrank

4 years ago#4

User Info: megasuprwaffle

4 years ago#5
she gets some particle effect around her sweet tender beautifully sexy body when she has her stun

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