Grease Monkey Darius. Skin idea.

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User Info: CloudandYuffie

4 years ago#1
Darius would have a mechanic jump suit with some oil stains on it and he would have ether a name tag saying his name or a patch on his chest saying the word noxus. His hair would be greased back and he would have oil stains on his face. Maybe shows abit of chest revealing chest hair or something.

He would wield a giant wrench.

new animations:
most animations would stay the same except the blood icons will turn to black car oil that spin around the enemy's etc. Maybe add dust to his pulls or smoke as well as trails of dust behind him as he walks

perhaps when he jumps in the air with his wrench when he R's it transforms a bit to look cool for the attack.

taunt animations:
He takes out a hat and puts it in his head saying "Time to win" or something. (darius will now wear a hat til you do a taunt again.) use it again and he takes it off saying "I don't need a hat to beat you" or something along those lines.

Recall animation:
He summons a car motor and sits down starting to smack it abit with his giant wrench. right befor the recall ends the motor would rev up abit and then he would be at the base

Recall downtime:
The motor appears with him after the recall and it breaks down falling into pieces and he says "typical"

Would be a car based pun

Dance: Darius would start tapping his foot and snapping his fingers like a old 80's greaser

heres a pic of what the jumpsuit could look like

Open to all suggestions to improve the idea.
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User Info: supershadonic

4 years ago#2
I want a Sneezing Darius skin.

Each time he ults he gets his axe up with "Haaaaaa" and strikes down with "Chooooo".

With mixed voices and many Ults you will hear him do this in teamfights.

HaaaaChoooo, GhahaaaaaaaChaaaooouuu, HaaaaaCheheeeeeee.

User Info: CloudandYuffie

4 years ago#3
Under the weather darius or sick Darius

Has a cold water pouch on his head with a thermometric in his mouth Would wear one of those sick bay gowns that barely covers his rear. He would sneeze every time he does his spin and R's.

Recall animation would be him holding his nose for a sneeze then sneezing sending him flying into the air. He would appear back at base falling to the ground then getting back up shaking his head.

joke would be. "anyone have any soup?"

weapon would be a stand filled with blood that is attached to his arm pumping him full of blood.
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