Just won a 3v5, carrying as Lux.

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User Info: lain8

4 years ago#11
Tough crowd. Oh well. I thought it was pretty good. DEMACIA!
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User Info: TheIceRaptor

4 years ago#12
lain8 posted...
Tough crowd. Oh well. I thought it was pretty good. DEMACIA!

Tough crowd
tough crowd
Tough crowd
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User Info: Shannon232

4 years ago#13
From: Lord Grahf | #002
So it wasn't actually a 3v5, it was a 5v5 with two players you felt didn't contribute as much as they should.
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User Info: G0dSlay3r

4 years ago#14
I remember 2 3vs5 wins i got and the teams during it.
And i mean straight 3vs5, with two members AFK from minute one.

First 3vs5 win had us with solotop Rumble(me), mid Lux and solobot Graves.
We pretty much played safe, outleveled and outfarmed our enemies and then stomped them in 1vs1, 2vs1 and in the end 3vs5 teamfights.
It was the combo of good, long-ranged CC and great damage that Lux and Rumble can put together.
If Rumble lands his ult across an enemy team and that slows them, Lux can free-snipe them with her skills and then Graves just goes in with an E-Q-R combo to clean up along with Rumble's E and flamespitter.

Second 3vs5 was Katarina(me), Gangplank(jungle, but went solotop) and Leona (solobot).
Same thing. We knew how to farm under turret, outleveled our enemies(who didn't remember to use their number advantage for 3-man turret dives right after lvl 6).
In any case, we fought when all 3 of our ults were up.
Leona built pure-tank and bought a ton of wards so we always had vision, GP bought a lot of wards too and i roamed to bot or top as Kat.
Teamfights - GP ults(this slows everyone down so Leona has an easier time hitting the most people), followed by Leona ult and then Kat ult for the cleanup.

Also, if you are ever outnumbered before lvl 6 due to AFK's, don't say it in /all chat.
Enemies will be like "oh, they're outnumbered, don't have to fear their jungler" and dive you like crazy.
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