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User Info: Asmodean0

4 years ago#1
I've been learning how to jungle as of late and decided to get Jarven and I an enjoying it a lot. I'm starting to get timers down but suck at ganking. I know it comes down to landing my E/Q combo once they start to run but I just never have the damage to get the kill.

When I go to gank I normally have a spirit stone, lvl 1 boots, Brutalizer and a few pots/ wards. I have ad reds and purples, armor yellow and MR/lvl blues. I'm only at level 23 so I run a 14/9/0 master page.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it just one of those skill you get better at with time?

User Info: DeadpooL7

4 years ago#2
Yea you just need practice... if youre having trouble with what youre saying you may just not be a great fit with J4.

Try lots of junglers and see who works best.

User Info: zefig

4 years ago#3
You want to build tank. I rush mobos if the lanes are gankable, as well as wriggles.
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User Info: FoxxyFelineee

4 years ago#4
Nothing beats experience, I can tell you that right now. I used to suck with him, but then over time landing an E+Q smoothly, timing ults properly become easier.

Once you land your E+Q securing a kill should be pretty easy if you have red+w, even with flash. I honestly wouldn't worry about it too much, he's not someone like Lee Sin where he has a million tricks up his sleeve, it all comes down to getting his playstyle and mechanics embedded.

While he is very much a viable jungler, his top lane is a lot better in my opinion. Try it if you haven't yet, it's pretty good.
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User Info: Asmodean0

4 years ago#5
Not really a fan of wriggles but it wont hurt to try it out a few games... Also pardon my like of knowledge of acronyms but mobos?

I've tried a few other jungles out but I still have a hard time to jungle aside from fiddles.... but it's fiddles so damn easy. Flank, fear away from there tower and drain or ult from a bush or wall into low hp enemies.

Just to make sure for myself, it's R>Q>E>W for jungle J4 right?

I love him top just due to how fun he is to play. I'm jungling with him to get the idea of the jungle and cause my gf gave me the an rp card over the week end. All fear Lu Bu IV :p

User Info: Amarajah

4 years ago#6
mobos = mobility boots im guessing

Get smite/exhaust and try to bait out a flash by just scaring them as you walk into lane if they are past the halfway point, then E-> Q into them if they're getting to close to their tower to force a flash, then finally just cataclysm and tower dive with your W shield if you can and your teammates should be able to get a kill.

User Info: Asmodean0

4 years ago#7
I'll try that then in the morning. Just going to take getting use too not having flash I guess.

User Info: ItzElNino

4 years ago#8
Honestly I feel like any spirit stone upgrade isn't worth it for Jarvan. I get the machete for early game only and sell it on later since I don't particularly like wriggle's on him either.

Sending that money you don't use on spirit stone should help you with damage so that you don't lose the kill.

I find that getting a smiteless blue so you can get red and gank at early level 3 helps tremendously, as getting that early first blood puts the pressure out and just makes you that far ahead.

If you go for an early gank boots don't really matter, so unless they flash you should be good to go.

User Info: l3lueJACKrabbit

4 years ago#9
The best machete option for J4 is to just get a madreds and leave it as that, start building towards your other core items. J4's E makes madreds much better than spirit stone for camp clearing and dragon control. It also provides practical stats for fights. Wriggles is not worth the 950g upgrade though. That's almost a belt or mob boots, which are huge for J4
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User Info: Asmodean0

4 years ago#10
Well I tried madreds with mobos and have gotten s first blood double kill in to games at bot. I have to say I'm surprised how many people never ward the riven bot even when they are supports. Also before anyone says bad move, the adc had been killed just before I arrived so they wore pushing tower hard. With red and blue buff it was to damn easy.

Thanks for the advice everyone who posts :D
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