so jungle vi?

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User Info: EcchiBaka

4 years ago#11
People who don't max Q first probably have trouble hitting enemies with it in the first place :3

She's an awesome jungler, it's why they changed her focus from top lane bruiser to jungle in recommended items. She clears ridiculously strong and can come out with some hard hitting DPS or build tanky while still hitting for loads of damage.

Pre-6 ganks usually lead with Q. It's strong, got a bit of knockback, and sets up for the easy AA->E Denting Blows combo. Even if it's not a successful gank, you'll do enough damage to make it worth your lane's while. After 6, you can lead with Q or ult, but it's not hard at all to keep the enemy down with all the damage you'll be doing if you catch them in a horrid position.

Build how you see fit. Boots are your preference or situational, but I personally prefer how awesome Swiftness lets you stick to enemies and reduces the self slow on Q. Wriggle's/Spirit of the Elder Lizard both work fine for the jungle item. Then from there you can just go DPS which would probably be something like Black Cleaver/Bloodthirster or tanky which would be like Warmog's/Wit's End something

Be a cool guy though and buy the Frozen assortment of items. Frozen Mallet + Frozen Heart + Frozen Fist = gg
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