If the only role left is support dont be a ****

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User Info: Snazzy21

4 years ago#21
I dont see why playing support is some kind of punishment for not calling in time, i main support and if you didnt know bot lane is won or lost based on your support 80% of the time.

The main reason you dont see many good supports is because they all have the same mindset as you, I didnt get my main role so imma just sit in bush and be a do nothing support. This is why you lose, you havent made the effort to learn how to support properly.

User Info: Lord_Fork

4 years ago#22
nomore posted...
I dont mind playing support.. That and jungle are my best positions.

But I hate it when 4 people insta-call a position, and then just expects whoever is left to play support.
If you are that desperate to have a support on your team, then pick it yourself.
Otherwise don't be shocked when you end up with last pick choosing teemo.

It does wind me up when I see a chat log like:

Player 1: mid
Player 2: mid
Player 3: mid
Player 4: mid
Player 2: top
Player 3: top
Player 4: top
Player 3: adc
Player 4: adc
Player 4: Jungle
Player 1: 5 go support
Player 2: we need support
Player 3: omg 5 support!
Player 4: GO SUPPORT

That is the kinda thing that is going to make me troll pick because screw you guys.

This but unironically.

User Info: bibliotheek357

4 years ago#23
I have to agree with 'nomore' completely. If you want mid, you better have a fast pc with good connection and your three fingers ready on m i and d, cause if you're a second too slow with typing mid you can't play that role. And it doesn't matter who has runes for what (lower levels) or what role the 5th guy cant play, he'll be pigeon holed into taking a role he might suck at. Then when game starts and he performs badly, the team will try to get everyone to report the poor guy.

User Info: Game_lover_1000

4 years ago#24
Brenbenn posted...
Pick order > call order.
Hell the client is so cruddy that typed comments can appear in a different order for each person sometimes leading to so many pointless "I called it first!" arguments.

Pick order is disadvantageous to people who have more champs than the other people on the team, and people who want to play a specific role, but not sure what champ they want to play. Seems like pick order would be more problematic than call order.
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User Info: EcchiBaka

4 years ago#25
I'll play any role with Kayle. That way I can instalock her and when people go "Hey Kayle, where you going?" I just go "What's leftover?"

Both Pick Order and Call Order are disadvantageous to players. Call Order because those with slower comps won't appear in chat in time to see others who Ctrl+V their role in chat so they'll come in and call a role that's already been taken and cue the argument. Pick Order works in this very same way, except people sometimes are douchebags and will autolock to try and deter you from arguing about it.
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User Info: lordjin

4 years ago#26
TC I totally agree with you that is why I go Tryndamere support with Smite and then proceed to jungle...
"As much as I like playing LoL - the majority of the populace are unfavorable people with low social skills and etiquette."

User Info: The_Excerion3

4 years ago#27
Every single person in this argument is doing it wrong, and none of you will ever get anywhere in your ranked play with those attitudes.

This is how champion select is supposed to go down:

Person 1: mid
Person 2: adc
Person 3: top
Person 4: adc
Person 5: jungle


Person 4: Hey Person 2, I'm a really bad support, could I please go adc this game?


Person 4: I can't support, I'm going adc


Person 4: Pick order wins, I'm going adc

Now, if Person 2 agrees to go support, you're fine. If not, the onus is on you to either support or dodge the queue. In my experience if you ask NICELY whether you can swap roles with somebody, you will get your desired role about 50-60% of the time. If you try either of the other two moves up there, you're almost guaranteed to lose that match because of in-fighting or a bad team composition.

It's really not that difficult guys, I've had massive success in solo queue by asking nicely during champion select. I get to support (my main role) or jungle (my secondary) every single game. I've never, ever had to do anything else in over 100 ranked matches. I've never had to dodge a queue because I couldn't get my role. Obviously it's a little bit harder if your main role is mid or top, but just ask nicely. DO NOT EVER TELL YOUR TEAMMATES WHAT THEY ARE DOING. ASK THEM. It's such a simple way to win more games and have better teams. I can't understand why people do not do this.

User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#28
oh so youre supposed to expose the two mosdt easily counted positions first? no wonder I've been losing games...
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User Info: Habnot

4 years ago#29
From: XcZeus3469 | #028
oh so youre supposed to expose the two mosdt easily counted positions first? no wonder I've been losing games...

I find it easy to count past 2 and even well beyond 5, tbqh.
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User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#30
I hate when people do this.

That why I have pick champs for each position and just wait for everyone else to pick.
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