Cho is op right

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User Info: Edgemaster70000

4 years ago#21
_HeX posted...
Edgemaster70000 posted...
_HeX posted...
Edgemaster70000 posted...
_HeX posted...
Yes, he is OP. He has no weakness and can build whatever his team needs and still be super relevant.

Olaf. GG Cho.

Does Olaf have an aoe knock-up and aoe silence? Nope. Those two abilities alone are so good, combine that with his tankiness and true damage ult and you have an absolutely deadly combo.

Cho > Olaf

Cho's mana needs are huge in laning phase, Olaf's are not. For all of the damage Cho can do to Olaf without losing all of his health in a trade, Olaf and just shrug and immediately lifesteal all of it back unless cho keeps spamming his mana. Then when Cho runs out, Olaf can do whatever the hell he wants.

Lmao, go back to your botgames.

Maybe read up on Cho's passive, just a tip.

And you're talking 1vs1 in laning, which Olaf doesn't even win. Let alone does he win a scalefight lategame, srsly get out.

It's difficult to use your passive when Olaf runs over and whacks you one time to remove 25% of your health at levels 1-4 every time you try to kill a creep. You can use your Q to hit him and maybe keep him from doing it, but you won't be able to do it for very long before, guess what, you're out of mana, and going back would cost you about 20% of your turret's health, at least.
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User Info: negative4

4 years ago#22
Try_Harder_Nubz posted...
he's been the same for like 2 years and now he's OP?


But he got TONS OF BUFF. Any champ that gets tons of exposure suddenly becomes OP. Cho was taken to the jangle and mid and suddenly he got a resurgence.
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User Info: Trevorkkho

4 years ago#23
The only buff he received was QoL change on his Q to be less random. His passive got nerfed, Ult got super nerfed(you need to be over 700 ap to do what it used to be) silenced just got nerfed.

His mid/late game is great once he gets some items. His lane is pretty bad, anyone with a ranged poke or good trade > cho top lane till he gets catayst or something to help with mana. Singed pretty much does the same thing. Meh early game with no item, pain in the ass as they start rolling.

Only thing he has over singed is good jungle.
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User Info: xMikhalx

4 years ago#24
Cho is broken imo. QoL changes made him more noticably strong. He has high base damages with AoE CC. Only problem with him is relatively high cooldowns.

User Info: Amarajah

4 years ago#25
Game changes and people realize new things. Just cause a champion has never changed doesn't mean the environment around them hasn't. I mean look at Ezreal, few mana buffs and a super-special 'skin' == theme and he was too good of an ADC and nerfed. I remember when Ezreal just used to be a troll pick when I played him as ADC just cause he was fun. Everyone said he did no damage and wasn't worth playing, but they never changed his Q or R. The reason was, that simply other champions got nerfed very hard that were dominant. Graves and Vayne were dominant for quite a while and maybe Corki too.

User Info: shrimp1992

4 years ago#26
Try_Harder_Nubz posted...
he's been the same for like 2 years and now he's OP?


I love this argument. Just because the actual champion hasn't changed doesn't mean everyone else didn't change. He has gotten better because others have gotten worse
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User Info: CenaxKikia

4 years ago#27
Stalky24 posted...
His Q is better than half of ultimates in the game. He is like Lee Sin or Alistar. He can either be unbalanced (Lee Sin) or nerfed to the point to do no damage at all (Alistar).

I never play Zyra because I feel like Cho's Q is vastly superior to her ultimate.
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User Info: edubs

4 years ago#28
I don't agree with the amount of tankiness and cc that he can do all while doing damage. I mean an aoe silence can win you a fight and it doesnt even have that long of a cool down. The fact that his knockup also slows? One or the other man. He also gets ridiculous health from his ult so he can just build damage and still be a super tank
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User Info: GameEnforcer

4 years ago#29
Cho has always been overpowered. If you dont challenge him in lane then hes a problem the whole damn game. Build him tanky? No problem still can do go dps and still contrubutes with his Q better than peoples ult. Knockup slow and silence on relatively low cooldowns. Can boost his feast up on minions. Without tank items ive seen cho break 3k health. Ridiculous. Mana issues? Passive. Need to sustain? Passive. Need help pushing lane? E. To be honest if you know what your doing hes one of the few ap champions that have mana and practically dont need any mana regen. I guess that's ok right? *rolls eyes* I would go so far to say he can lose his lane and help his team win games JUST because of his Q

To further my point what can cho not do?
-one of the best junglers
-one of the best tops
-can play middle effectively
-can support bottom

I mean come on people get real with yourselves. Hes broken and has always been. The silence nerf was a chuckle

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