Going to advance in ranked play only Lulu

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User Info: b0omstick

4 years ago#1
2-9 this weekend got demoted and at this point I am just going to have fun. 5 of the losses were either DC's or Trolls which was disappointing. However, the other 4 I was stuck support which normally I like but, my ADC was incompetent so I just picked up Lulu had the IP and herd she can feed even the worst ADC. So please,......
Teach me how to Lulu, teach teach me how to lulu

User Info: Quiet_Noise

4 years ago#2
9/0/21 taking CDR, pen, AP, improved exhaust.

Start Faerie Charm, 2 Health Potions, 2 Green Wards, 1 Pink Ward.

Communicate with your jungler. 9 times out of 10 when you pink ward the enemy's river / bush ward, they will tunnel vision and focus only on trying to stop you. Having the jungler sitting and waiting for that to happen is such an easy gank.

E on minion gives you more range on Q, but it's a huge mana investment for little return.

Standard harass combo is auto e auto, if they back out use Q to get a last bit of damage, if they try to engage Q and W (Either yourself or the enemy, depending on what's necessary) and gtfo.

Going for the kill, you want to land a Q and either polymorph their adc to prevent their counter initiate (This is good against a Taric lane to use on their ADC in response to his stun), or whimsy your adc to allow them to close the gap. Polymorph can be cleansed, so be careful of that.

Q makes a distinct noise when it hits people, use it to check bushes.

Your R is insane. E a good initiator on your team to keep them healthy, use R to knock the enemies up when they go in (IF it's needed; if they choose not to damage your initiator, you may want to save this for saving your ADC or APC's life, or on your bruiser to "reset" a fight), Q off your initiator to slow the enemy team, W to peel for your carry if the enemy is able to fight back, W your carry, initiator, or bruiser if they're stuck running.

W on your carry can tend to encourage chasing, which is a guaranteed way to throw a match, so use it wisely.

Also she's not auto GGWP. Prepare to lose, and prepare to have to learn a lot about her.
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