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User Info: mrich528

4 years ago#1
hey guys, just looking for some pro-tips on supporting with nidalee. i like the fact that she has a strong poke, and once level 6 can really mix things up if its an even lane. not to mention that the heal + AS is a good supporting ability too. i get tired with playing soraka or nunu and just constantly buffing the AD, so nidalee is pretty fun.

problem is, i've never played nidalee before, but i've seen a ton of people tear it up with her.

what do you max first? what items do you go for? what should i be trying to do as a support?

what kind of matchups is nidalee a good support for? what kind of matchups are bad for her?

thanks a lot guys, and i look forward to your advice
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User Info: Sandroco

4 years ago#2
pro tip: play a better support.

Sorry, had to say it.
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User Info: Divinewargod

4 years ago#3
Didn't even read your post, just the topic title.

Play with a Caitlyn adc and proceed to kill-lane. Laugh hilariously at the crossfire of Piltover Peacemaker and Javelin combos to nearly 100-0 the enemy adc or support. Don't actually build like a support, because your utility in teamfights is very small.
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User Info: Jonmaximum

4 years ago#4
Play a real Support.
Didn't read.
Play Lulu. She's the cutest and owner fo the best laugh in the game.

User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#5
max heal
build like a support

or you could play her in pretty much any other role and do what nid does better.

User Info: zefig

4 years ago#6
You have to ask yourself: Am I playing Nidalee support solely for the fact that I love throwing spears?

If the answer is yes, stop. Pick Mundo and spam cleavers instead.
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User Info: Dolethor

4 years ago#7
if you want to win, do not play nidalee support.
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User Info: shadowtemari

4 years ago#8
How i ''support'' nid is get philo and wards, 1 lvl in traps then lvl heal and spear. Now all you do is heal and poke so having pickpocket is a good idea. After philo i normally get a tear and proceed to build regular ap nid. Honestly if you looking for a real support play ali or taric ect, nid is more the ''kill lane'' type while keeping your adc healthy with heal.
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User Info: Enclosure

4 years ago#9
level 1 get trap. Trap bushes and pathways to you all the time.

Max heal if you and your ADC is good at using the AS buff portion.
Max spear if you are good at landing them and your opponent fails at dodging them.
Stop playing nid if neither.

User Info: Stalky24

4 years ago#10
Nidalee support works. Kinda. It's lower tier support, but has niche to it.

Her heal is weaker than both Taric's (by a tiny bit) and Soraka's (by a huge bit), so it's not as effective sustain lane, but it still should be maxed first because of 60% attack speed. Attack Speed boost by itself is so good in Season 3 that it's worth being a support. Just because of this I'd pick her vs poke lanes like Cait/Lulu or vs Nunu to counter bloodboil.

Her as poke-lane is okay-ish. Not really amazing, but if you hit long-range spears you can help your lane a lot, so it is clumsy, but has potential. On the other hand, by maxing Q first you lose that beautiful AS boost, which is not worth it. Definitly dont play Nidalee vs all-in lanes like Alistar or Leona, coz you get destroyed.

Her traps are great. Can check bushes and prepare you for ganks from odd places you dont want to waste ward on (or you dont have one). Damage is nonexistant, but that vision lasts preety long.

Her cat form is where it's at. Even with no items it is very effective. You can ward with almost no danger anywhere in the map, you can do considerable damage even without a lot of items and overall become a lot more aggresive against enemy.

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