advice for nidalee support

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User Info: mrich528

4 years ago#11
zefig posted...
You have to ask yourself: Am I playing Nidalee support solely for the fact that I love throwing spears?

If the answer is yes, stop. Pick Mundo and spam cleavers instead.

i'm gonna have to go with this one. xD
Current games: GW2: CaptainBojangles. Steam (CSS,TF2,L4D2): randy marsh, LoL: CaptainBojangles

User Info: jorgelon

4 years ago#12
I dont know if nidalee works in ranked. In normal, i play maxing E, then Q, then W.
Q - harass
W - map control, defensive/offensive skill
E- Sustain + speed attack

Start items, buy some mana potions,wards, and health potions
I usually buy Kage first for best harass and normally I buy less wards than a normal support. In mid/late game you can upgrade to twin shadows. Maybe banner of command for last push in late game. Probably frozen heart and / OR Iceborn gauntlet

Boots; mercury or tabi

Other items like a normal support.

I see as a decent support in early game
In mid game you must start roaming. good for warding with speed and W as an animal.
In late you probably must go tanky

User Info: Yuraco

4 years ago#13
only play nid as support if your laning with'll out range them so hard it'll be hilarious
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