So how come Thresh can't go solo top and farm to be a late game tanky monster?

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  3. So how come Thresh can't go solo top and farm to be a late game tanky monster?

User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#31
From: SorrySleeping | #110
You lose out on the utility or damage of other AP mages.

You have more than enough utility in your kit. And you have bruisers and the ADC for the damage later game.

Iunno I just feel there's a ton of untapped potential for Thresh to have.

User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#32
considering you don't have to last hit things to get souls, what position you're in has less bearing on how many souls you get than you might think.

He's best suited for bot lane because he deals pretty low damage and is rather fragile early on - the AD-carry does nearly as much baby-sitting of Thresh as Thresh does of them. Plus having the lane-mate means someone can capitalize on all your CC.
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User Info: Rising Chaos

Rising Chaos
4 years ago#34
RE: Support Thresh gets just as many souls as non-support Thresh

Not true in my experience. On paper, sure because souls drop whether or not you actually get the killing blow on a monster. In practice, solo laners tend to stay in their lanes longer and farm harder. Solo laners get more gold to be tankier and don't risk dying just to grab souls near an enemy champion, though Thresh can get some of those with his lantern anyway.

It's too bad he can't jungle for beans. I've actually had fun with him in solo lanes and he seemed alright to me, the problem is just that he's a glorified support even with farm and he can't do much to prevent the enemy laner from farming up likewise, unlike say Nunu.
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User Info: lvl99link

4 years ago#35
Thresh's lantern stays up for 6 seconds, and souls for 10 seconds. That leaves an early game window of 8 seconds for his souls to lose out, he could farm up on melee minions and save his lantern for casters. He works fine top as far as farming souls go.

His lantern shows a timer on it, the aoe to pick up souls is roughly the radius of that circle, added on top of it's diameter. (Kinda hard to explain.

Building him with black cleaver and bloodthirsters will net him a ridiculous amount of AD, siphoning a ton of health, and giving him the tankiness he needs thanks to his skills at disposition.

His Q does great damage at green/blue when level 5, you don't have to sit out just to get orange/red.
Q will almost always bring your enemy in range to E, E will always bring your enemy in range to R. QER at a turret and it doesn't matter how much damage you do, your turret just made up for it.

He brings ganks to the table just like support thresh would, toss it back and watch a sick crowstorm flashndash.

And finally a cool little tip for you guys, His E will disrupt any dash mechanic. That includes, jax jump, riven jump/dash, and wukong dash.

He's truly a 5 role champ, just like kayle.
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